How I learned how to shoot pretty pictures, part 1

Crunchy snow day

I have envied many a blogger's wintery, snowy photos. Now I have a few of my own. Of course by tomorrow morning, all we'll be left with is a muddy yard. But hey, at least it'll be warmer again.

These first two are from the first day, when it was still snowing. I like the amber color of the fungus in the first one - it's growing on the branch of a cedar tree. It looks like the branch is wearing a necklace. I also like the crazy contrast of the cedar fronds.

v snow 034

Falling. Love it. Want more.

v snow 047

The second day, the snow was all crunchy. Several of the limbs from one of these cedar trees started cracking and falling under the weight of the ice about two minutes after V and I walked out from under them.

v snow day two 020

Looks better large.

Here's V under the tree, being sweet, as usual. (She didn't get those eyelashes from me.) I love her little frosty nose. Didn't bother her one bit; she'd only be still for a minute when I wanted to warm it up.

v snow day two 040

Ice-covered cedar tree branches. So heavy, they touch the ground.

v snow day two 034

Frosty Sweetgum ball. Everyone complains about these trees, but I like having them around. My grandparents had a tree at their house, and so they remind me of them. I used to gather them up off the ground to play with.

v snow day two 001

The pink sun flare makes me happy.

ice flare

Very few icicles around. I remember pulling them off the side of my grandparents' roof and eating them when I was a kid. Kind of yuck to think about now, but I loved that. Today, V was handing us chunks of icy snow to eat and calling them Smarties. R brought some home for me from Canada a couple of weeks ago. They're my absolute favorite. (If you've got any Smarties you need to get rid of, email me and I'll send you my address. Like, seriously.)

v snow day two 033

After all that, what could we do but come in and have some hot chocolate with marshmallows?

PS: My animal track mystery has been solved by Kim from Beartracker's Animal Tracks Den. Thanks, Kim!


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what true natural art! love the header too! ELK

spread your wings

yeah i like your new header too.
We got a little snow in atlanta but T said Athens got about 7 inches. oh how i wished i could have been with her there.
that photo of V is gorgeous. such perfect little features and wow those eyelashes!!


Your snow is so much more picturesque than ours! And I love the little pinkness on V's nose!


Ooh I love your new header, and those are gorgeous snow photos too.


Pretty! I'm so glad you got some snow!


Beautiful photos! Is that a knitted-by-her-mom hat I see V wearing?! She is the cutest!

maya, I'm going to try something on my blog starting next Monday called Monday Memories. I would love it if you would like come over and link to one of your posts on the Mr. Linky, that is of course if I can figure out how to work Mr. Linky! I'm not the greatest with stuff like that!


Even though I'm a bit sick of snow I absolutely love your photos...they do make me want to get out and photograph the last bits of snow that are hanging around!

Monkey's Momma

I love the first picture. Beautiful!!! I also like the photo of V, the pretty little thing!


seriously, that amber photo is amazing! Followed by that beautiful pic of snow falling and then that little chestnut is something else too. Move into your new house, set up a studio and start printing some of these! It's time, girl!


That is so cool about the animal tracks. Your photos are beautiful. Can I come in for a cuppa cocoa too?


I miss checking in for one day and you go and have two posts! Great snowy shots!! Too many faves to pick just one, but V is adorable as always. I think I say that every time, but if she needs a long distance grandma, I am available. :)


I love the snow sitting on top of the fench post.


woops, that should say FENCE post. LOL!!


They're WARM snow pics. The sun makes everything brilliant. Love the flare and the one after it. and of course, V is adorableness in a little body :)


beautiful pictures!!! love those.


Sweetgum ball! Now I know what they are!!!! Thanks!


beautiful those pictures couldn't be any more stunning.

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