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House beautiful

Beautiful, ain't it? I often pass by it on my way to town. They have a wrap-around porch with lots of pretty white rocking chairs too.

not my house

All the snow is gone, and it is now pleasantly warm outside. This weekend, we have lots of papers to sign/mail, a grandparent for V to visit, empty boxes to pick up, a park to play in, some cleaning and laundry to do, and if I'm lucky, a few pictures to take (unfortunately, that last one is low down on the to-do list). Fifteen days left till moving day - better rent a truck while I'm at it!

And what are you up to this fine weekend?


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Fighting Windmills

We are house hunting tomorrow afternoon in gorgeous weather!


Wow..moving already, to your own house? Oh I so envy you! I have tonnes of laundry, some grocery shopping to do and hopefully a family outing!


That was quick! I'm so excited for you.

spread your wings

sounds like a busy weekend for you. glad for the beautiful weather. T is home and we're going on a photo adventure. yeah

Grey Street Girl

Wow, that's a gorgeous house. I love that little window. :)

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Wow! 15 days until moving? That went fast! You must be really excited! We went on our little hike today. It was a lot of fun, but I dumbly didn't bring my camera. When will I learn, always bring the camera.


beautiful, love that little window up top

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