Crunchy snow day
If I were going to be in a story book, I'd get all dressed up too


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*giggling* Love it!! That's good stuff.


More! I want more! That IS good stuff.


I love this post. Can't wait for more.

Camille D. Wilson

you crack me up!


Looking forward to more instructions!! Feeling like I want a photo mentor to go take photos with. And some inspiration. I have hardly picked up my camera lately.


Awesome! Just the sort of instructions I needed! Now I just need to get a different lens...some day! :)


Now if you could only impart your excellent sense of composition...


Too fun! Love the heart at the top left. You're hilarious :)

And yes, you can teach things, but you have to have a gift. You do. Some don't. But people can get better :)

spread your wings

this is great. i look forward to some more of your notes.
I've been using Ts Nikon D40x and I have a feeling she's going to be taking it back when she comes home for Spring Break. sad. i might just have to buy my own - i became very fond of hers.


Thanks for sharing your "notes" and knowledge!

Now...where is my camera?


Love the notes!!


maya, I love this! It's right to the point. Very cute, your R & M heart up in the lefthand corner!


Printing this right now!

Lisa Renata

hahaha. you are just too funny Maya.

It is very sweet of you to share with all your shooting techniques. I love your photos, so this is great info. I will definetely try it. I'm still reading Understanding Exposure.
I love taking pics, but I sure need to get away from that auto setting. lol. I'm working on it. The snow pic where all on manual. yey!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Loved this!! How fun that you took a picture of your notes on the topic to show us. Fun!


I love it that you took a photo of the notes too.

laura @ the shorehouse.

I love this post..."Stop using your flash! Nope! Stop it right now!" Hahahaha!! And I love the photo of the notes...perfect.

renee @ FIMBY

found this via Gayle at Planet M Files. What a great list. I think I might need to link to this...

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