How I learned how to shoot pretty pictures, part 1
How I learned how to shoot pretty pictures, part 2

If I were going to be in a story book, I'd get all dressed up too

Someone was trying to be just like Daddy this morning. I don't ever use emoticons on my blog, but this definitely calls for a :(

v 032

So we cleaned her up, sprayed some medicine on, and read The Bunny Book.

v 037

My favorite part is where she names the different kinds of bunnies: Dutch, Vienna Blue, Flemish Giant, Cottontail, and Chinchilla. It's hard to say Flemish Giant when you're three, but really cute to watch when you're the mom.

We all know what bunnies really like to do in their spare time, right?

v 035

She hardly notices the scratch now, but I know her Daddy is going to have a big :( when he sees this. It's really not that bad - could've been a lot worse. Sweet girl. It can be so hard to grow up. I'm giving her lots of kisses today. Makes things much easier - on me.


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Ouchie! I am glad you are there to give kisses and read about bunnies. Looks like the kitter is lending a purr and a paw too. Let's get dressed up today as if we are in a story book too! I like that idea. I am going to get a little fancy today.

spread your wings

ouch! glad she's feeling better.
i loved Richard Scarry books when I was a child, when T was a child and still do.


Poor munchkin! I've been letting Bean chose her own clothes. Oh man, I love it. Makes any day cheery. Hugs to V!


Ouch! Did she try to shave like Daddy? That looks like a double-bladed razor cut. Poor kid.


Ow! Willa once reached up onto the counter and grabbed Chris' razor. It was not pretty, but Mama and Papa learned to keep sharp things out of the reach of littles, and Willa got to pick the tv show that afternoon.


ohmigosh, combining the book and the cat! creative, cute and great shots! And I hope your girl is OK!

Monkey's Momma

Owee! Give her some extra love and kisses! (Like you don't do that already).


Oh, poor little thing - hope she's feeling better today! Those Richad Scarry books are the best - I still have all of mine from when I was little.


Oh, funny. I seem to recall doing that myself a very very long time ago. Just a little boo-boo! Gone in no time.

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