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In the muddy mud pit

Even though we are in packing chaos here, we have to find some time for V to get outside and play every day. This almost-spring, she has discovered the joys of playing in mud puddles. Splash!

v blue hat 074

Here I'm saying, "Don't jump in!!!"

v blue hat 077

Not really. She was just jumping up and down for me. She likes to jump.

Check out her cute new hat.

v blue hat 001

I knit it from the Cloudy Day Cloche pattern from my dear friend Kim. The pattern is $4 in her Etsy shop. I think it's lovely.

v blue hat 003

The pattern is for a baby or toddler hat. V is 3 years & 5 months, and I think it's big enough to fit her for another year, or even two, at least with the yarn I used (I know it's Sublime dk yarn. I'm pretty sure it's Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK & the color is called "shade" but I haven't found it online anywhere. Got it at my LYS). I'm thinking I'll make a bigger one for myself. Of course I keep saying that and then I just end up making something else for V.

v blue hat 155

I know V is going to love our new backyard. One of the first things I want to do in the new house is start a garden. Yesterday I found a new-to-me blog, Compost Confidential, where Joe Lamp'l is going to try creating a garden that will feed his family of four this summer for just $25. I'm really looking forward to seeing how he accomplishes that!

Ours will cost a bit more than that, since we'll have to buy every garden tool from scratch. But I know V won't mind getting her hands dirty.

v blue hat 114

This is my dad's cat. I love her. And she loves Violet to bits. I'm going to miss her too - and her mousing prowess. Her name is Cat and she's a tiny little thing (unlike my own two fat, indoor-only cats).

v blue hat 109

We're closing on our house tomorrow and moving in on Saturday. I can barely sleep, I'm so excited.

v blue hat 088

While I'm gone, I'd love it if you'd check out the Tanjore painting my friend Sharanya has been working on. Amazing detail and so lovely - she's been working on it for six months! I love Sharanya; she shares the most wonderful and interesting things about India with me. The Internet is a wonderful place.

Until we see you again, take care!


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Oh I hope that one day I can lighten up a bit and let my son play in the mud. I hate cleaning ANYTHING, so just the thought of letting him get dirty on purpose makes me nervous. Looks like she's having a ball though, and thats what matters


The hat looks great, I miss having a 3 year old around. I think I'm just as excited about the $25 garden as you are, thanks for posting about. And good luck with the move.

The 6 O'Clock Stitch

Your violet is a doll and I LOVE all the mud! Can we come play?


the hat is adorable! it looks very vintage/flapper-ish. love it!
was this your first lace project?

good luck with the house closing and the big move!

maya | springtree road

ok, i think everyone should come and play in the mud with us!

and, yes, that's my first lace project. wasn't hard at all! :)

spread your wings

that hat is fantastic. if i could look as cute in it i would ask you to make me one.
when you posted the jumping photos yesterday I thought I wonder if she jumped in the puddle later. its so much fun to play in the mud.
my brother is starting a neighborhood garden in his yard, as well as building a chicken coop and getting chickens to try to help in this economy. we'll see how much his neighbors actually help with it all.
there's a little heart in that muddy hand in the last photo.

rachel whetzel

WOOO HOOO! I get an ADDRESS!! Need to get that to me so your PACKAGE can get to you!!


V is so adorable in her new hat - love those muddy hands. So cute! Good luck with the move!!


Good Luck with your move and your garden!


omg....v is so adorable :) lots of love and hugs :)
and thanks for linking Maya :) Hugs


Lovely hat, gorgeous photos! Love the last one.
My computer won't let me go on the link to Tanjore painting!
Good luck with the move.xxx

urban craft

I never seen playing in mud be more beautiful. Thanks!

Elise Edwards

Lovely photos! My son and I played in the mud today too, so I just had to comment and say hello. I might be inspired to get serious about knitting, if I could make cute hats like that! Hope your move is easy and fun.


What wonderful pics full of joy! ;)
I am glad to see that everything there seems going well... hope to see you back soon!

Hugs from Sicily!
(Where spring is taking a little more time to come! ;) )



Hi! I'm a newby - just came via Montessori for Everyone & am loving your photos!


Love those muddy hands! The world is puddle wonderful! The hat is adorable too. I need to try that pattern.


Hi Maya!
Funny to see V in the mud since my girls spent sunday morning in our front yard, squashing their feet and hands in the mud pits. I had to hose them off and bathe them immediately afterward. I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying, "don't do that, stop getting so dirty" but I made myself mute. i'm sure, subconsciously, they appreciated that too :). I love the hat you knit for Maya by the way!

Mud Bogging

Very nice hat you made and the photos really showed of your talent. Really good job for your first try!

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