This old house


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Sadly, it's a little greyer and gloomier here. It is finally not freezing, though, so I will rejoice in that!


really such vivid blue and white sky...thank you for sharing it with us today!


wow - lovely!


Oh - just look at that sky - it's MINUS 5 degrees right now and wind chills of 35 below zero - the blizzard is over and we're looking forward to warmer temperatures this weekend...


Those are really beautiful. Lovely blue sky and clouds! We have wet and dreary and becoming winder and cold. Sigh.


Such gorgeous blue skies! Jealous!! FYI- Your title now has Mr. Rogers' theme song firmly planted in my brain. Oh my...I'm going to listen to some of your tunes. Thank you for those. =)

maya | springtree road

Not Mr. Rogers! ... U2! :)

Lisa Clarke

Saw your link in the SouleMama comments - wow. If I had a choice, I'd take a Georgia March over a Maine March any day! The point is somewhat moot, though. I've got a New Jersey March (and I'm freezing & dying for some green - brrr!)


Lovely... as is ALL of your blog :-) I've been poking around a bit here and goodness it's such a nice place to be!

spread your wings

fabulous sky photos. i wish i had stopped along the road just to shoot some photos the other day when T and I were driving south of Atlanta seeing much the same scenes. These photos are beautiful.
I need to get with you on some locations T would enjoy - the wonderful old houses. We saw one the other day in Madison that made me think of you.

Monkey's Momma

Love that second one. Absolutely breathtaking!


Wow!! Goregeous blue sky!!

Your photos are all so well done :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies


Oh yum!
Glorious pictures.


Wow, those are very "springy". Beautiful!

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