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Missing you


Things I will miss about this place:

  • The way the sun washes over the front yard in the afternoon
  • Being close to where my granddaddy grew up
  • Finding random things outside to play with like pretty rocks, moss, an old horseshoe
  • The freedom V has to walk around outside in whatever state of undress she chooses - there's nobody around to worry about
  • Drives in the country to see the old barns and farmhouses

Things I will not miss about this place:

  • Five minute showers (19-gallon hot water heater)
  • The 25 minutes it takes to drive to the nearest store (Wal-Mart)
  • Mice (though we've only seen one)
  • Having all our good/fun stuff in boxes and living with the bare minimum
  • No Super Target


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What a lovely list of things you will miss. Boy I can relate to the second part, things you will not miss. For me and where I live, make that a 2 hour drive to any shopping. I'm lucky in that I can take a longer shower :)
Anyway, that list of things you will miss really is lovely.


I guess there are always the good points and bad points to everything. How far away (hours?) are you moving from this place?

Can't wait to hear the good points of your new place! I already know it has an awesome big window for your kitties!

spread your wings

i can't wait to hear about your new place. when you posted about the yarn shop a few days ago, I thought oh my she's going to miss that place when she moves. But you can take nice day trips to visit the shop and then visit your old farmhouses and barns too. : )


I like your miss list, too, but thing about all the good things to come in your new home.


Moving is always so bittersweet


You know what? Let V be V and naked if she wishes. Bullocks to any cranky neighbors.

Love that first picture. I can't wait to see your "love" list in the new place.


What is Super Target? We have regular Target, which I thought was fabulous enough. Now I'm going to have to hunt down a super one!

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19 gallons is so random! not 20? weird.


each move brings those lists don't they?! ELK
really nice photo to go with the post!


that really looks peaceful! I think I could trade the showers since she doesn't let me bathe much anyway.

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