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It's a beautiful day


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I love going to my local yarn shop (LYS). People who own yarn shops know how to knit and crochet. People who know how to knit and crochet also know how to make a place feel homey. So it follows that yarn shops feel homey and that there are lots of lovely spots to sit and knit.

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So many yummy yarns.

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So many bright colors. It's a treat. Here's the wall of Noro.

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Main Street Yarns and Fibers is in Watkinsville, GA, in an old restored barn. I dare you to pass by and resist it. Go on - I dare ya!

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Here is the back - who wouldn't want to knit outside here this spring?

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Sure, you can go to a Big Crafts Shop and buy your yarn, but are they going to look up your pattern on Ravelry for you and show you exactly how to accomplish the bits that are giving you trouble? Yesterday, Ruth showed me how to to make the thumb for a fingerless glove (so easy!), and she told me to bring the piece in if I have any trouble.

And then I had a homemade cookie from a fresh batch someone brought in.

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Back inside, here's a basket full of locally handspun yarns.

v Main Street Yarns 028

And some drop spindles if you'd like to try spinning a bit of your own.

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Wherever you live, your LYS should have classes on knitting, spinning, and dyeing like Main Street Yarns does. I'm hoping to take a class on something this year. I'd love to work on my knitting skills, but I'd also love to learn to spin and dye.

What about you - do you ever visit your local yarn shop? Is it as homey and wonderful as mine?

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I wish my stores were that lovely. Oh how I wish.


I love that wicker bench with the paisley printed cushion. Looks like a lovely store.


My LYS is in an old Victorian House. Each room is stuffed with colors and textures and places to sit a spell and create. And yes, they have a knowledgeable, helpful staff and lots of classes. Fun post Maya!


Oh my word, I wish I lived near you. What an amazing place.Lovely photos.


You are being featured on Intrepid Tuesday!

Lisa Renata

o.k. I am in love with this adorable little shop. Your right, it is so homey. I want to just sit on that bench and start (start what? knitting?) O.k. I have to learn how to knit!

laura @ the shore house

It is so homey...that I would like to *live* there, please. And I can't even knit! :-)


Oh, that looks so lovely! Our LYS is run by someone unpleasant, so I don't go there. I have to find a slightly-less-local one...


Such pretty pictures! But I'm a visual person.


i do not knit Maya ~but that was a beautiful visit to a wonderful store ` i can see it is a special place ELK


That is such a beautiful place! I went to a now out-of-business LYS many years ago and it was so unpleasant I never went back. I guess a lot of people felt that way and that's why they closed up. It was when I was learning to knit and I was looking for yarn for a scarf. It was obvious that I was new to knitting and they (owners) looked down their noses at me. They were so rude. You would think that they would be extra nice to a newby hoping to develop a relationship with a new customer!

So...whadya buy?


wow this is so nice...i dont think we have a yarn shop as such here in India


WOW. . . I don't even knit and I want to hang out there! LOVE the color. It's all still so grey here!


Really beautiful yarn selections (and photos of them). Love the barn conversion! But I love barns - even though my mother always told me I wasn't born in one. Ha!!

Paul U

Great pictures!

I love the house. It looks elegant.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

What a colorful post!

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Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Really love the yellow purse on the blue door. :-)

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Yeah, it's me again. I thought if I left a few comments, it might move you back up on the Active Sites list so I could give you a thumbs-up! We'll see if this works. :-)

maya | springtree road

thanks, y'all! :)

Andy Bailey

great pictures!! I gave you a thumbs up on the commentluv active sites list :-)

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spread your wings

i've always wanted to learn how to knit or crochet - now that place makes me want to visit and take up knitting for sure.
in high school i used to dye my own yarns, even spun some of my own, and weave with them. I enjoyed weaving so much - so therapeutic. hmm, i think maybe I should bring the loom back out and go visit that store.


Oh, my - I just want to go there & hang out! So lovely and colorful. :0)


What a cute little shop!


clearly I am missing out. I want to go and hang out and take pictures! I wonder if I can pretend to be a knitter. ;)


I agree with you entirely. Even though I dont knit anymore, I adore these homey places. Last year when I was in Victoria, BC I came across a wonderful little yarn shop that was chock full of wonderful textures and colours. I took a few photos too but I must say your images here are absolutely divine!

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