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People I have known: looking for Ivy


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Oh my gosh, V is such a beauty! How could you ever say no to that sweet face?! The racing looks like fun!


She is so beautiful! What joy to fling yourself forward like that, knowing love follows behind ready to catch you up.


Whenever I run, all I can think is "I'm running, I'm running, I'm running," and then I want to stop. Maybe I should try racing the kids. Looks like much more fun!


I don't run because I think I look absolutely ridiculous doing so. Even on the treadmill, the fastest I'll go is "brisk walk". If I looked at cute as V does, I would definitely run more. Especially if I was always going to win.

Monkey's Momma

V would be cute no matter what she was doing!


Those photos, wow! But I must say, the sentiment is even more beautiful! Yay, Dad!!

spread your wings

looks like she got a pretty new spring dress too. she's so beautiful

renee @ FIMBY

Look at those eyes... why haven't I found your blog before. So glad that now I have *smile*

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