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Ruby Falls

Have you ever been to Ruby Falls? It's in Chattanooga, Tennessee, about 90 minutes from where we live now.

Ruby Falls is an underground waterfall. You take an elevator down and walk through the cave for about half a mile to get to the falls. It's a constant and pleasant 60 degrees down there, which makes it great to visit during the summer. Since it's a cave it's pretty dark, so I'll spare you most of the grainy, low lit photos I took - but I have a few highlights, like the Elephant's Foot. Skinny elephant, he'd be.

Ruby Falls 040

This is one of my favorite formations - it looks like giant strips of bacon hanging from the ceiling of the cave.

Ruby Falls 079

And here's another super healthy treat - tobacco leaves.

Ruby Falls 081

Once you get down to the falls, they have the lights off so they can flip the switch and astound you. I've been to Ruby Falls several times in my life and I never tire of it.

Ruby Falls 097

V loved it too. She's just now almost able to be patient enough to go on short tours like this. Almost. Fortunately, most of the people who had to listen to her constant comments (hmm, I think I could stand a cup of tea) were charmed.

She loved walking behind the falls and feeling the spray - it made her hair all curly.

Ruby Falls 126

As you turn around to leave the falls, this is what you see. That silhouette is a guy pointing up in amazement.

Ruby Falls 128

If you have a moment, tell me where your favorite natural attraction is in your home state. I love to read about cool places on the Internet, even if I can't always visit them in person.


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The 6 O'Clock Stitch

We went a few years ago! It's beautiful. I look forward to taking Sweetpea when she's older.


That is beautiful, maya!

How is the unpacking going?


Wow... that's absolutely stunning! My 12 year old would totally get into that. . . sadly, we're a bit too far away for a day trip. :D

How goes the boxes?? Out of them, yet?


That's really cool, Maya. My favorite natural attraction would be Mt. Rainier. It is a beautiful place to hike and most days I can see it off in the distance as I drive to work. On a two mountain day I can see Mt. Adams, as well. Usually one or the other is shrouded in clouds and rare is the day when you see them both. THAT is a good day. =)


this place looks amazing. I love the names of the formations.

renee @ FIMBY

Nothing stands out in my mind but I love mostly all of Maine. I love the ocean and I love the mountains. I love the farms and I love our camping and hiking trips
But I'd love to see some falls like the ones you visited. Guess we'll have to come to Tennessee for that!


growing up in omaha we had some friends who moved out to western nebraska. i used to love going out there and seeing chimney rock and the scotts bluff monument - i think there was a jailhouse rock too. they were all markers along the oregon trail. the landscape is so different in western nebraska, it was like going to another world.

hope the unpacking is going well!

spread your wings

We went to Mammoth Cave a few years ago, but it's in Kentucky.
In Georgia I like to hike Stone Mountain and there's a great view from the top.

Fighting Windmills

There are a lot of caverns where I live. The most famous are Luray Caverns and Grand Caverns (Weyers Cave). I love the temperature down there.

I hope V has fun with her crafting and art supplies unpacked! I am wearing myself out nesting lately. I just put the railing back on our crib and yesterday I was mopping. Craziness!


Oh! I've been there - I loved Chattanooga too!


wow, what an incredible place! Don't think I'd ever get that far south but boy what an incredible place. I'll have to mention it to my husband ... he's travelled a lot in the US so maybe he's been there. Thanks for this really interesting post!


How cool! It reminds me of caves that I went to as a kid in Bermuda

Recent blog post: My Aching Chair


Wow, that looks so cool! I love how the names of the formations are so "Tennessee."

Many years ago, I went inner tubing through a cave in New Zealand. When we got to one of the main caverns, we turned off our headlamps and let our eyes adjust to the darkness. There were tiny glow worms all over the ceiling of the cavern, and as we floated through it, they helped to define the contours and formations of the cave. It was amazing... like millions of tiny stars.

I know that's not a local attraction for me, but it's my favorite cave story!


Ok, I'm not going to post about my home states (Nebraska and Kansas), but the state where I am living now.
I live in Utah, and there are some amazing wonders here. In Southern Utah there are the Arches in Zion National Park, the red rock formations in Moab, and really, just a TON of amazing places to hike and mountain bike.
In Northern Utah (where I am) there is the Great Salt Lake -- really cool because, while it stinks, you can float in it so easily. There is so much salt in the lake that you literally can go to where you can't stand and just float. It is freaky cool.
About 15 minutes from where we live now are some wind caves. It's a pretty easy hike up the mountain and you get to these caves that were formed just by the elements. I can't wait to take my kids up there this summer.


very very cool!

I love the waterfalls .. especially a trail at Silver Falls where there are 10 waterfalls, including some where you can walk behind the fall and look out through the spray

Elizabeth Barrette

I love spelunking!


and underground

A Thrifty Mrs

Wow, what a beautiful place.
I don't live in the US so one of my fave places to visit is in the country I was born (Ireland) and that is Giants Causeway


Never been there. Very cool. favorite place. Well, I love Panther Creek Trail and the falls at the end. I haven't been there in so long. It would be too difficult to take Aidan. Last time I went, the trail was almost too difficult for me!


Oh! I've been many times (mostly as a child) and loved it. It's great to go in the heat of summer because it's so cool underground. :) Your photos are spectacular, as usual!


I miss going to Ruby Falls! We went a few years back when my oldest was little and my daughter was a baby...somewhere we have a picture of my husband holding up a rock!

Lisa Renata

You just made me realize I have not visited any of natural wonders in this state. And there are plenty. We have caves as well! I have to start checking things out. I think it will be best 'till A is old enough to enjoy it.


It's amazing how much different kids are from year to year. She's just going to enjoy stuff like that more and more.

I wanna go there! I wanna go somewhere.

(You, my friend, have a great following on here... kudos to you for that!)

Monkey's Momma

I love Elephant Rock State Park, in Iron County, Missouri. It is full of these massive, and I mean massive, rocks that naturally developed over time.

You just have to google it, because it is really hard to explain!


That looks so cool! I will file that away for future reference. As for my favorite spot-any warm beach will do!

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