Why so glum?
Crunchy snow day


So busy lately, working on getting everything in order so we can buy our first house. Closing is on March 20th. We three are so looking forward to our new adventure!

Yesterday, we had to slow down a bit - it snowed! Here's the view from my window.

v snow 016 bw

I wasn't going to go out in it because it was coming down so fast, with orange-sized clumps of snow. I didn't want my camera to get wet. Plus it rained a lot before the snow and the yard is mud soup with crackers.

So I stood with the back door open and took this.

v snow 003 bw

But, as with a pool in the summer or an apple pie fresh out of the oven, I can't stop myself from going in. When I noticed that it was relatively safe under the cedar trees, I went out to stand under their canopy. I stayed there as long as I could take the cold. The snow was so quiet. Beautiful.

v snow 029 bw

On the way back, I saw this and took a quick pic. Slushy.

v snow 046 bw

And this. A sweetgum ball. Also took that too quickly to worry much about focus or settings.

v snow 041 bw

More tomorrow, but in color. Hope you're keeping warm, wherever you are.

PS: If you know anything about animal tracks, please see if you can identify this one. It was in our front yard this morning and it's kind of weirding me out.


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There is something so peaceful about snow isn't there? Although the results of snowfall can be chaotic.

Sorry, can't help you out with those tracks... maybe some sort of bird??? Weird!

spread your wings

i was so happy to see the snow. it was so beautiful, white and quiet.


It looks a bit like a deer track to me.

I wish we could've gotten snow! No such luck near Tampa!

Diana J

looks like a velociraptor to me. those things should be illegal.


doing some research for you about that track. snow can be beautiful!


Those pictures are so beautiful! We have snow here too, but I'm too cranky to photograph it...


The falling snow looks so beautiful against the dark tree trunks.

Lisa Renata

I was so excited that we got snow too. Yes, the firt true snowfall of this winter. We got ourselves out there; played and took lots and lots of pictures. You can see them in my blog.

Glad to know you are also enjoying the snow.


Great photos! I love the DOF on the last two. The tracks, I don't know. I put a link on Twitter http://tinyurl.com/af9lsf to photos I took of deer and rabbit tracks for you to check out.


Oh! I forgot to tell you, I made your tea cakes a couple of days ago! We love them! Thank you for a great recipe!


We too are watching it from indoors. I love it and as much as I can't wait for longer days and bare feet I really love wearing the wool socks and filling up the slow-cooker and watching Sesame Street all day long!


wow! what a beautiful view you have there! your pictures are gorgeous. we had a snowstorm here today too (and our first snow day in five years!) but the view out my window is nowhere near as gorgeous as yours. enjoy it!


Snow, even in March, is lovely.

Shealynn Benner

I want snow BAD!!! Too bad I live in the heat death trap place - ahem. Some people call it Arizona. ;)

Grey Street Girl

These are awesome shots. I can't believe you go snow that far south. Those tracks are weird!


The second shot looks like something from a snow globe...your shots are making feel like lazing around even in the tropical weather I have here :)


I love this entire series of images, especially those last two! Wow.

Monkey's Momma

Congrats on the new home!!!!

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Oh your snow photos are delicious.

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