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I'm such a procrastinator. By that I mean that I have not unpacked a box in at least a week - and probably two weeks before that. Until this morning, that is.

This morning I unpacked a box with a few of my favorite things. Wind chimes to go outside. My favorite photo of a cat I used to have. And this tiny pot.

twisty 038

I got it at an estate sale about 12 years ago. It doesn't say who made it and it's not really big enough for much, but I love it. Maybe I'll plant one of those miniature African Violets in it and see if I can keep it alive for more than a month.

Unless you have a better suggestion for a very small plant that's quite unkillable?


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spread your wings

that's the fun part of unpacking isn't it? - pulling out things you love to have around, that make you smile...
a philadendrium is about the only thing I can keep alive inside.


I just discovered estate sales last weekend...seriously...how did I survive without them?!?


Oh, that is very pretty! A cactus? heehee No, I have managed to kill a cactus.


We have a little agave cactus - that has lived quite a while in a tiny little pot on our counter...


I saw these tiny little succulents at the store this weekend. They have a slight bluish cast to the green and their texture would look lovely with the pot. And they're pretty hard to kill. :D (just google miniature succulents. . . there are lots of planting ideas!)


I agree with the succulent suggestion. I can't keep anything alive but I got one at Christmas time...and haven't killed it yet!

Candy Cook

Lemme tell you the plant that inspired me to develop more of a green thumb. Because, I'm actually a serial plant killer. And yet, I have a huge vegetable garden every year. All because of an Aloe Vera Plant. I tried keeping some little plants, and big plants, in my house.... and in the yard... and I managed to kill every one of them. Except for my Aloe Vera plant.. which I have had now for six years. It has moved with me three times in those six years. It's been accidentally left outside in the cold (by a neighbor) and survived.. when all the other plants that were left outside that day died. It's been used for burns, lots of times. It survives through times when I neglect it and it survives through times when I water it too much. I should name the sucker SURVIVORPLANT. LOL Good luck finding a plant that will SURVIVE YOU! LOL


What a cute bowl! I would put m&ms in it and put it on my desk.

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