Things I saw on the road today

It's just half full

half full 002

A sweet moment in my home:

V was taking a bubble bath after her daily romp in the mud and I was hanging out with her, knitting. She was playing with a cup, filling it with with water and pouring it out. While I was concentrating on my cable row, I realized she was talking to herself about how the cup was half full. Then she said to me, "Mama, is the cup half full?" I looked and told her that it was.

Then I asked her what she would have to do to make the cup half empty.

She filled it all the way with water and asked me if it was half empty. I told her no, it wasn't; it was completely full. So she emptied it and filled it halfway and pronounced it half full. I said, "Yes, but is it half empty?" She said "No, it's just half full."

I could work on thinking more like that myself.

Happy weekend! I have no idea what we're doing this weekend - it's a wonderfully blank canvas. What about you?


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Love it! :)


Hi Maya..I plan to catch up on all the blogs I've missed and to start taking photos again this weekend. Hope you have a nice weekend too!

spread your wings

a weekend full of possibilities. have a great one.


So sweet!

This weekend I get to play with my girl friends. We have outings planned on Saturday & Sunday. I can't wait!

Have a great weekend!


me too- loved it.


I hope she keeps that outlook! My birthday is on Sunday...I've got a cold and two kids with pink eye. Weekend plans aren't looking great right now...


I'm working on the glass-half-full thing right now. I'm not great at it, but the nice weather is helping a little. When I'm feeling low, I'll just think of V and her half-full glass!

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The NON-Superwoman

Oh to have the eyes of a child!


kids are great... :) i'm going north of the city, by the bay, to let the kid cavort around in the sunshine and hand off the little one to her daddy for awhile. I need a break.


Love this story! Actually, I have no idea what I'm doing this weekend either. Same ol' same ol', I guess, which isn't bad. Isn't bad at all.



I don't know what we're doing this weekend either. Have a great one!


such a simple perspective! love it.
blank canvas here too and i am THRILLED.


She has just discovered the half full/half empty endless problem! :)
And she proved us she's positive thinker! ;)

My w/e will be spent at home working on the new site and trying to read all old friends' post that I have not been reading for days.

(hug) from "cold" cloudy Sicily!


No plans for me other than playing with my new macro lens and a little paperwork. Maybe a little housework...Maybe. =) I love V's attitude.

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great light in this shot. good composition.


Love the way she thinks...great perspective.

Lisa Renata

I think it is amazing how much we can learn from our kids. The way their mind works is just a marvelous mystery to admire.

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