Pool party

Oh, hail no

Ok, that title totally makes me laugh. I had to use it.

Today, as we often do, V and I played in the yard. I sat beneath the dogwood tree while the flowers fell like a very light snow. V raked leaves with her new pink rake.

v 015

I don't sew (yet) and these pants aren't handmade (they are hand-me-downs, though), but pants that look like this make me want to start sewing. Really bad. Every time I see a post from SouleMama about sewing, I get the itchy fingers.

v 028

Whenever she finds leaves on the ground, V asks me if it's fall yet. Today I told her, honey, it's not even summer yet. You just wait and see how hot it's going to get and then tell me how excited you are when fall finally gets here!

She loves throwing leaves in the air.

v 039

And then she has bits of them in her hair until I brush them out, sometimes longer.

v 040

But that's ok; it's worth it.

We saw Mr. Fuzzy Caterpillar on our way back inside. He looked to me like he was getting a bit toasty in the sun, so I tossed him into the grass.

I hope I didn't ruin all his work getting up those stairs. There are a lot of stairs.

v 050

In Georgia, I've heard many a person say, if you don't like the weather, just hang around five minutes and it will change. Same is said in Florida.

Well, right as V was about to get into bed tonight, we had a storm. The light was weird in the way that it is when you know it's not just rain that's about to come down.

v 054

We got hail. Lots of it.

v 062

It pelted the few poor plants I have on the back porch. Not very nice, is that?

v 061

R braved the storm to grab some so V could see and touch it - and eat it, apparently, because that's the first thing she did when she got her little kitty paws on a hailstone - she popped it right into her mouth, quick as you can blink.

v 052

By the time the storm was over, the flowers on the dogwood tree were decimated. I can't bear to post that here, but you can take a look if you must.

Life is never dull, is it?

And thanks to everyone who left me wonderfully encouraging comments on my last post. It always makes my day to hear from you. Always, always.


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maya, Your images are wonderful! The photos of V and the leaves are amazing! Wow, that is some strange light. It's kind of scary looking.


Wow! those are some great pictures of the hail falling and the aftermath!

Fighting Windmills

Whoa! This is a great photo series and of course the title is gold.


love love love the pictures of v.
and you have convinced me that georgia has the most beautiful hailstorms in the country!


don't you just love GA? The sky looks so weird in that photo before the storm! Sweet, sweet photos of little V. :)


Hail and funny colored sky usually means a tornado. Ugh! Hope you don't get those there. Great shots, as always.

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I love the how you capture the way V makes her own fun. You do it so well.

Sorry to here about the dogwood tree.


I'm so glad the hail didn't do any more damage - we once had golf ball sized hail that totaled the BIL's car...


Yes, what lovely photos, you capture moments so well.
I also don't sew(yet)!Know what you mean about reading soulemamas blog and the beautiful things she makes.
Poor dogwood tree! x


Great pictures. sunshine and hail. What a day. I just picked up Eat to Live. Everything I have read makes sense so far, but I am going to make some Oatmeal cookies before I read about butter being banned or any other such nonsense that prevents one from losing 20 pounds in 6 weeks. hehe. Everything in moderation, right?


they say that in Texas too ~your images are so amazing! i have not told you but your November Black and White project made such an impact on my photography ...in case you did not know


what really beautiful photos. We use that saying here too about the weather - just insert "Alberta". We had just begun to have above zero weather the past 10 days or so (which was melting the snow). We even had two days where we hit double digits (10 and 12 above zero). I thought for sure spring was here ... then we got hit with a huge snowstorm and below zero weather for two days. Ah well, the new snow that fell is mostly melted and it's above zero again today. I guess we'll just start over :) Like they say, if you wait five minutes :-)

Cheerful post!


We had a hailstorm the other night too. It was crazy!

I really want to sew--I have fabric and patterns for little girls dresses but I can't get myself to sew. I keep waiting for the perfect chunk of time, but if I keep that up I'll have to wait 15 years, until India's in college!

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the title ROCKS!
and your day seems like a total reminder that the ONLY thing we can count on in life is that nothing is permanent and things can completely change when we least expect them to.
that's what i always remember when i feel spent.


great pictures! we had a bit of hail today, nothing big though, it was the tiniest I'd ever seen actually


LOLOL on that title.

I have no interest in sewing, yet even I forget this when I read a Soulemama post on sewing. :)


LOL! Awesome title and post. I can't believe it was hailing at Spring time.

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