Oh, hail no
Beautiful blue


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Oh, no! A dead duck! heehee Love the colors!


I remember this type of weather like it was only yesterday.

What a great way to celebrate the warm sunshine.

spread your wings

such a vibrant shot.


Hi, I discovered your blog yesterday, and lost two hours just reading and reading. I love the colours in this shot. I can't wait to read more. What a great blog.


oh my - a pool - really - rain/sleet/snow here today...


Having a pool party would imply that the weather is warm enough to have a pool party, which would then in turn imply that I don't like you any more. =) Oh, but I do envy warm weather. The days are nice and sunny here, but nice and chilly and breezy, too. I want to have a pool party.

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Aww ducky. I am sure the pool will be up and running soon.


I'm smiling.


Yesterday was a slip n slide day here-It's only April! I am just catching up. I have been spending less time on the computer-life is so busy. Your photos are beautiful as usual! Hope you are feeling better, mentally and physically. Sounds like your are om the right track. Yes, eating healthy (smoothies) can be really expensive. Also much to my kids dismay I was singing "Don't sit under the apple tree with nobody else but me" all day after reading your "Don't sit under the dogwood" tweet the other day!


Where are The Aquabats when you need 'em to sing about it?

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