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maya! This is so cool! It's electric, right? You should have seen the typewriter I learned to type on. It was not electric! It was in middle school and I guess they just kept their old typewriters from way back. I sure wish I had one now. I love your photos!

maya | springtree road

@gayle - this one is not electric! it's manual! when i took typing class, half the class had manual and half had electric and then we would switch every so often. it was torture going from electric to manual!

rachel whetzel

Your pictures are AWESOME!! I'm so happy you like it!!


I learned on a manual. NOT. FUN. Kids these days do not realize how lucky they are. Awesome images, as usual!

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Grey Street Girl

Very cool shots! I wonder what the Magic Column Set button does.


I learned on a manual too, but in France, where the letters are in different places, instead of qwerty it is azerty! I'd love to have an old fashion type writer now ;)


oh how wonderful!
i have a very severe crush on old typewriters- i inherited one from an old family friend and it is seriously one of my most prized possessions. the sad thing is i can't find tape ribbon to fit it and thus can't use it.
i totally agree with you about the shift key. typing on manual typewriters gives you such a sense of accomplishment, don't you think?
i took typing in sixth grade. my typing teacher seriously had four inch long hot pink nails and gave me the only C of my life. i was devastated-- but it also prompted me to show her and learn to type like a pro.


That is very cool. I especially love the avocado & golden rod color combo!


Did I ever tell you that my grandmother could have broken a record with her typing skills? She could type 180 words a minute on a MANUAL typewriter! Without a mistake!!

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