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Rural decay

I think that if I'd had someone with me, I might have had the courage to go inside, but certainly not through the front door.

v rural decay 014

Now I'm kicking myself for not getting closer to this door to peek inside.

v rural decay 016

Of course there are signs all around saying not to trespass, but they look more like they're to keep hunters out and off the surrounding property.

v rural decay 017

Surely a photo or two wouldn't have hurt.

v rural decay 018

What do you think? Too dangerous to go inside? Or would you be as adventurous as I'd like to be?


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If I have someone with me (not a kid, an adult) I would have ventured to the doorway and checked to see if it looked safe to go in. Otherwise, I would have kept my distance! That is so very cool! Love your images.


i agree with gayle - if i had a brave grown-up with me i'd venture inside. otherwise, no way.
your photos are beautiful, i especially like the one of the side door.

Terry Kearns

Don't let anything fall on your head. My dad would have called this a "snaky place" and he really know about such things. So make some noise before you go in. OK?


I totally would want to go in there, but not alone. Mainly because I would be afraid that it would collapse on me.
Love the photos though. Fantastic.

spread your wings

oh next time call us. T would have definitely gone in with you. like Terry said, it does look a little "snaky" though. great images nonetheless.


Yeah, I'm a coward. I might go up to the door if no one was around, but definitely not inside.

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Nice pictures. I would have peeked through the door, but i wouldn't dare to go in, maybe if I was with someone!

maya | springtree road

i took all these shots from my car. i was over near the door when i started hearing something rustling inside - that's when i threw it in reverse and peeled outta there! :)


I may have peeked inside the door, but I don't think I would have stepped inside!

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