And when all else fails ...

Strewing words

Since we've moved in and I found our set of Melissa and Doug's Alphabet Magnets I've been strewing words for V daily.

Sometimes she walks into the kitchen and reads the word or phrase right away (recent ones: home, love cat, silly rabbit), sometimes she doesn't notice at all and will start playing with the letters herself, and sometimes she'll ask me what the word is. This morning, she asked me about this word.

mitt and words 007

She was in the mood for more, so we talked about how funny it is that gh makes f. It made us laugh. Then I made another gh makes f word.

mitt and words 009

Next, she usually wants to find out what happens when you add or subtract letters. We both think this is fantastic fun. This one made us "co-laugh."

mitt and words 010

Sometimes she spells words all on her own. She knows a few, but coming right up is her most recent favorite.

mitt and words 022

Lately, she pretends she's a kitty cat every day, pretty much all day long.

mitt and words 025

She calls herself an indoor/outdoor kitty who likes to take baths.

mitt and words 026

From there we just play until she gets bored of the letters.

mitt and words 030

Then she's off, meowing about the house.


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Glad you brought your camera to "school"! ;) What fun!

spread your wings

what fun. and i love how you have captured this all on film. T used to pretend to be a cat, or a dog, all the time when she was that age. I think at one phase i even had to put her milk in a bowl on the floor so that she would drink it. (she would be embarrassed to death that i told you this) hahaha.


What sweet fun!!!




Go V!


Strewing is a VERY interesting habit to start! I've done a lot of this unintentionally, but I'd love to be more intentional about it. What great ideas on that site!

And the pictures? Me loves. Primary colors are my friends.


We used to have foam letters that stuck on the tiles around the bathtub. We had a lot of fun with them. Love your photos! V is a smartie!


How absolutely charming... That pesky 'gh' is a touGH one to wrap one's head around! You've gotta darn smart indoor/outdoor kitty over there :)


Meowing and words...
what great fun!


So sweet! "Strewing"...I'm going to have to remember that word.

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Monkey's Momma

Strewing and meowing, huh? I had never heard of the the word "strewing" in these terms before. I have been doing this for Monkey for a long time and did not even know it!

Lisa Renata

such a smart little kitty you have there!

BTW are those melissa and doug wood letters? we have those and looooooove them! now I just gotta start "strewing" with my little ones.

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