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The Welcome Table

There are many churches in the South that have picnic tables out in the churchyard for gatherings. They're made of granite, with a giant slab for the tabletop.

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These aren't that old, but you can find them much older if you drive around in the country for a little while. I'm thinking of starting a photographic collection of them.

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My question to you is - what about the rest of the country? And if you live in a country besides the US, what about there? Is this a common sight in your neck of the woods?


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I don't think we have those around here, but I wish we did--they look very cool!

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Those look very nice! I've only seen wooden park tables around here (granite isn't local to the area so it makes sense that we wouldn't have park tables here made of it).


I am in the Pacific Northwest... and I don't recall seeing stone tables. Benches yes, but not tables. We have an abundance of wooden ones. I am going to keep my eyes peeled now!

The 6 O'Clock Stitch

You are so right about the tables...I've seen more than I can count!


We see wood and concrete here, but love the granite!


Are you asking specifically about granite tables or tables at churches? Either way the answer is no! :D

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Recent blog post: Happy Wednesday!


update from india...churches here are usually with a nice garden in picnic tables


I have never seen anything like that up here in New England (although I am not a regular church-goer). The photographs are beautiful!

maya | springtree road

toni - i meant any kind of outdoor tables at churches. sounds like it's a southern US thing!


They are beautiful! Nope, we don't have that kind of thing here in the northeastern US.

I love your banner photo!


I live where you live, and I've never seen (noticed) those tables!!!

I love your banner photo!


Those tables are lovely. I haven't ever seen any up here in New York, but I wish we did have some..the whole idea of them is great.

Lisa Renata

These are great pictures. I don't know if there are any granite table around the churches here. I haven't notice. But if they do, I think they are mostly made of wood.

BTW I love you new banner and the colors, so springy!

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Oh how neat! I have a couple old snapshots of some of these. I think one was shot in NW Arkansas some 20 years ago. Been a long time since I saw this and you have a great idea!

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