The Battle of Kettle Creek
It's just half full


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Your shots are fantastic - brilliant colors. Now, on to composition...


As usual, your photographs are ridiculously good. But I have to tell you, as good as they are--it's that blue sky I'm impressed with. And am just ever so envious.

rachel whetzel

LOVE your photos. The hay one especially. ALSO love the linked within widget!! I'm totally using this.


I love these photos! I love the look of old brick. It is so beautiful!


very nice selection of photos. I'm partial to the school bus!


Love the angles of your shots - great images. I've been trying to do the LinkWithin thing for the last month, but it isn't working on my blog. They have to redo the code for it and haven't gotten to it yet. Love the brick building, btw. =)

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The 6 O'Clock Stitch

I'm completely envious of your camera skills. Beautiful!


Great shots Maya! (I hope you keep both hands on the wheel...)


Great photos!

Wayfaring Wanderer

Very cool sights! Although, I feel a little dizzy now :)


Thanks for the road trip. It sure was short but scenic!


Lovely, and I'm relieved, because from the title I was worried that you might share pictures of poor creatures that met their makers on the road, if you know what I mean!

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Wow - lovely pictures - I can't believe how green everything is down there...

the Health Advocate (Alisa)

I was intrigued by the comment you left at ProBlogger (31DBBB Challenge)regarding the community you foster with your readers so I cruised on over here to check you out. I just looked at your posts for the month of April but I had to say this: YOU HAVE AN AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHIC EYE...the composition, the light...just amazing. Keep up the beautiful work.

Monkey's Momma

Maya, It is funny how we seem to take photos of a lot of the same things!

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