Underneath the dogwood

We have a dogwood tree in our backyard. It's not one of those full and lovely ones - it's too tall and spindly.

bubbles 007

It looks like it may be dying. Nearly as tall as the house, there are no blooms on the top third of it.

bubbles 010

But underneath the dogwood tree is pretty nice.

bubbles 013

From the ground, you can't see the ailing top branches.

bubbles 016

And the bark is pretty, as are the flowers against the clouds in the blue sky.

bubbles 025

We're having just about perfect weather here lately, aside from a few thunderstorms and tornado watches. It stormed last night and today looks gray so far.

bubbles 024

But I think V and I will go outside and enjoy the day anyway. She never minds the gray, and neither do I.


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The 6 O'Clock Stitch

We have your tree's twin at our house. Every year my husband says he's going to cut it down. I'm glad he hasn't.

spread your wings

have a nice day outside today

Monkey's Momma

I love the pics!


I love your photos!


It sounds like that's a wild dogwood. We have some like that too. I keep wanting to prune off some of the dead, upper branches and see if they would do better. But I think I should prune in the winter, and I never know what branches I need to cut in the winter since they're all bare! I swear I'm going to tie ribbons around them this year!


We had a dogwood in our yard when I was a kid and I used to sit in the branches and read Heidi. I hope your tree heals!

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I love dogwoods - we had them at home when I was little - I don't think they're hardy enough for ND...


Lovely! That last pic looks like it could be the basis for a fabric!


i love how lovely blue looks when it comes from your camera:)


Wonderful images, from the bark to the leaves to the beautiful flowers. I've been wanting a dogwood for a long time now. Jealous!

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Wow! It's huge. I love them, but they don't grow so well out here. Sadly!

Fighting Windmills

We saw a dogwood tree up close on Wednesday and I'm going to put photos on my blog tomorrow of that. How great that you all have one in your yard! I think they are so pretty. (I'm sorry the petals were destroyed by the storm today.)

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