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Yesterday I asked V if there was anything she was interested in learning more about. She said yes, kittens. So I asked her if she had any questions about kittens and she said yes, she had five questions. I wrote them down for her.

  1. What happens when I'm gentle to a kitten?
  2. What happens when I eat a Rice Krispy Treat and a kitten eats cat food and drinks water?
  3. What happens when a kitten wants to play and I'm throwing it to a kitten?
  4. What happens when a kitten wants the light and I turn the light on?
  5. What happens when a kitten wants to smell some catnip plant?

She wanted to start with the first question, so I asked her if she could think of a way that we could find out what happens when she's gentle with a kitten and that's when she went looking for sweet, long-suffering Grace, V's best friend.

v and grace 005

V petted and hugged on Grace for a while and decided that when she's gentle to a kitten, the kitten will purr and snuggle up next to her. I wrote that down.

For the second question, she decided she could ask me what happens when a kitten eats cat food and drinks water, so I told her the very basics of digestion, which brought up a lot more fun questions.

v and grace 003

After that she wanted to be a kitty cat and play with the cat toy (the best cat toy in the world, by the way - get one before they're gone. They last forever.), so we left the rest of the questions for another day.

I hope this is the beginning of what will turn into project-based homeschooling with V. I'm never sure if I'm doing it right, but practically everything I know about it I learned from Lori at the fabulous Camp Creek Blog, should you be interested in reading more.


Please join me in Gayle & ELK's Pet Parade! It's the perfect day for a parade!


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I often wonder if I'm doing it right regarding all aspects of motherhood! It sounds like you are doing a great job!

PS - Your photos are amazing!


What a wonderfully inquisitive mind V has and I like the way that you are answering her questions. I think it is a good way to keep her curiosity and interest to learn. Wonderful photos as always. Thanks for that link to the cat toy - I think I want one of his dog swat rods!

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spread your wings

i think that's the best type of schooling - hands on.


Amazing photos, and I think your idea of homeschooling is great.
I have always wished to learn thing at home... and, actually what I know best is what I learn spending my time with friends and relatives.

I am probably too young to say this, but I imho think you are going to rise a great woman, and she already seems to be pretty smart and curios ;D.

Many hugs from Sicily.


She's a cutie. And I think feeding a kid information and working knowledge of what they're interested in is hands down the best way to get them interested in learning, especially this young.

We've been looking at a hand-me-down book about the body and Bean is fascinated with the digestion page. I'm not sure if this is because of the poo factor or if she likes the idea of knowing her food is traveling. She mentions them both quite frequently when we're talking about it :)

Keep in mind that she's young enough to not require schooling in the traditional sense... so there's no right or wrong. You're fueling her internal desire to learn and that's right all the time. Rock on with your bad self, Mama!


(Not that any kid needs traditional schooling... eh, that came out a smidge wrong).

Regardless, you have a kid who wants to *know* things. And getting kids to be that, my friend, is half the battle.

Monkey's Momma

What a beautiful cat...and my beautiful V. I can never get too many pics of her, ya know. She is my adopted "blog daughter".

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

I got such a kick out of the questions she asked! You can tell she's a creative thinker already. Love it.

Lori @ Camp Creek

thank you so much, and i hope you share what happens with me! it sounds like you had a very good start. :^)

Candy Cook

I don't write much down anymore. It all happens so fast.... the questions (I call them Wild Questions) come at the most inconvenient times for writing them down.... driving in the car, or while we're cooking dinner or covered in dirt in the garden.

The bad thing about that is, I don't have much written records of anything we do. But, we have conversations.... they come and they go and all that's left is the memory - for however long that will last, a feeling maybe, and anything they pack up in the satchel of knowledge they'll carry throughout their lives.

Something that really made me understand better, was trying to record all the wild questions that ran through my head all day... and recording what I did about those questions, and where they led me.

It was near impossible! Out of the millions of questions that ran through my head in a week, only one or two had a direct line to next week. Some of the others made connections to other things that I'd be into next week, but the majority were just a fleeting glimpse into something that was interesting long enough to google it. LOL

I don't generally ask the questions, anymore. I don't have to.... I am bombarded by them all day long. The trick is to sift through them and find the connections that lead to next week, or the direct lines that will last a month.. or a lifetime.

It's funny, but my boys have developed a real knack for asking questions that don't have an answer, yet. Questions like... "Is space bigger than time?" Questions like that, coming from 5 & 6 yr olds.. really makes me wonder how many questions are really answerable? I try to instill, in my sons, that there's always room for improvement in the answer of any question they might have. It's not all black and white, it's not all figured out... there's nothing that couldn't use more insight, or a different perspective... it's all fluid, in motion, expanding.... there's not much that's all figured out and set in stone with no room for growth.


Kids are curious. They are just like sponges! I believe your daughter and your kitty look alike.

spread your wings

such pretty eyes!
glad your kitty joined the parade, maybe V pretended to be a kitty in the parade too.


oh so happy that you have begun this special joourney with V...she will teach you so much ...mine did!
happy kitty on parade!


Thank you for adding Grace to the Pet Parade! I love Leslye's comment that maybe V pretended to be a kitty in the parade!


both photos are great!

I loved the questions, especially the second one. It made me giggle. Mostly because she didn't ask what happens if she and the kitty eat the Rice Krispy treat ((I like them too much to share ;)


What a lovely story. V and Grace are both lovely and you have taken beautiful photos of them. Sounds to me like you ARE doing it right.


We have an all white kitteh too! Her name is beebo, she spent the first 6 months of her life in a basement. We rescued her.

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