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I just spent 20 minutes in the backyard, pulling vines off the fence that I hope aren't poison ivy. I guess we'll know within a few hours, but so far so good.

I found a couple of things on the ground while I was pulling vines.

This piece of metal.

v backyard 001

This piece of glass (lots of glass, actually, but this was the only piece that was at all pretty. Why oh why do people do that?).

v backyard 003

And this orange fungus growing on a tree stump.

v backyard 002

We also have some fairly aggressive and hungry squirrels. I guess one creates the other.

v backyard 032

A mushroom that's grown because of all the rain.

v backyard 028

And a tomato plant that I doubt is going to make it (my fault).

v backyard 039

Also, these pretty purple flowers that have gotten a bit drowned in all our rain.

v backyard 004

How's your backyard? Good? Mine needs a lot of work. I'm not sure I'm the right person for the job, but I'll give it a try - slowly and probably not this year. Until then, I'll just keep my eye out for what makes my backyard special and try to build on that.


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The 6 O'Clock Stitch

Our backyard is in need of some help. So much to do.

spread your wings

my backyard is pretty natural and is fairly large – what i have a hard time staying on top of is the WEEDS that pop up all over the place overnight, especially after the rain. But over all I love it. I feel like I'm camping when I nap in the hammock or enjoy a fire down by the dry creek bed.
Hope it wasn't poison ivy you pulled barehanded.


We do a little each year. It's a never ending project, but I don't mind. I like getting in the dirt! Great finds! I probably have mentioned that I love lichen and fungus photos! That orange fungus is weird. It looks like m & m's, or advil tablets!


I feel your squirrel pain, the got nice and fat off our plants last year, and we, well, didn't. The slugs and snails did alright too. We've had to wrestle the garden back from them. It's slow, but progress is being made.

Those flowers are so pretty, definitely something worth keeping in the back of your mind as you struggle through the work.


I am trying to remain optimistic about my tomato plants. One keeps falling over (we've had a few windy days) and I'm not sure my continual propping up is helping

what a neat fungus.


These are my favorite type of posts!

And I love taking pictures of unusual things in everyday life like this.

(I still need to learn how to change the focus from the center to a different spot. I think I saw instructions here on your blog once?)

Lisa Renata

The picture of the orange fungus is great. I love how you can find beauty in the smallest and most uncommon of places.

Good luck with your new garden.
I hope our veggie garden survives all this rain.

Monkey's Momma

We do a little each year. I usually have several projects each spring and summer that I wish to complete, then I start planning new ones for the next year.


WE have a semi-contained jungle. 5/8 of an acre. 5/8 doesn't sound like's just over 1/2 an acre. It's really big. I'm in a losing battle with the weeds. I have decided to nuke the scotch thistles. last year I pulled as many as I could. Surprise! They are back two-fold this year.

My husband assures me we'll attack the yard this weekend. I do all the household chores. I'm thrilled at the prospect that he'll weed whack for once!


As I always say, our yard is a work in progress. It's come a long way since we first moved in, but we have a long way to go too. It's fun trying.


Squirrels are creepy. I think ours are plotting against us, and I'm only kidding a little bit.

I love the new banner, and the pictures in this post. You have such a great eye!

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