Such a (pretty) cliche

At Grandmo's

There's a story famous in our family of me, probably around V's age I'd guess, asking my mother to refill my cup of milk by saying, "Mo moke Mo."

v bath and grandmos 020

Years later, when my brother and I heard the story, we started calling my mom Mo.

v bath and grandmos 029

When V was born, her first and only grandchild so far, my mom decided she'd like to be called Grandmo.

v bath and grandmos 037

And so she is. V loves her Grandmo. There's always so much to get into at Grandmo's house.

v bath and grandmos 040

I love it when we get to her house and V runs up to her Grandmo and gives her a big hug and kiss.

v bath and grandmos 024

It warms my heart.


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That must be a wonderful feeling! Grandmo is such a sweet name.

I love the last photo! Did you use your 50mm 1.4 lens?


I love, love the name Grandmo---it's perfect!


i like stories of how special names are acquired...your photos as always incredible


What a sweet story--it tugs at my heart strings ever so hard today.

Monkey's Momma

That is a cute nickname: Grandmo.


Grandmo! I love it!


Your mom must be so happy that you guys moved back here. I'm happy for her.

I love the last photo of the flowers, especially. Wonderful macro.


What a lovely post!! I love "Grandmo" - too cool. Wonderful images, as always.

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