At the pier
I'm not the only one


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You've got to love beach culture!


what fun!
i knew tomatoes were photogenic, but fishing poles?!? fantastic! you have such a good eye.


I like the fish, too. even if i know they're slimy :) Nice shot

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How do you get dead fish to look good? I just love your photos, maya!


I've always wished i can visit a clean market like in the States and Europe. If you talk about fish market here in most Asian countries, you won't see good things like's all dirty, wet and slippery.


i have to say- there's only one food on this earth that (for some unknown reason) i absolutely can't stand and that's raw tomatoes.
however, THOSE tomatoes that you photographed are so gorgeous- even I want to dive into those baskets!


Very cool, you've been a busy girl! Love all your postings and images.

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