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Like a record, baby

Lately I've been doing something to do with spinning or yarn-making every day. Sometimes it's exhilarating, sometimes frustrating, but I'm learning a lot and having so much fun - and that's the point.

Here's what I spun today:

right round 004

I dyed it two different colors and blended it together. Next it'll be plied with something else that I haven't spun yet. I can never wait to see how it turns out; I'm so impatient! I have three skeins done and I'm in the middle of a few more. When I get 10, I'm going to start listing them in the shop (which is still empty). I'm also hoping to have a few sets of blank notecards for sale too with my photos on them. I'm pretty sure I've settled on a supplier, I just have to figure out how that all works.

One of the things I've been looking forward to since we moved has finally happened - R set up the record player this weekend! I got this record player in 1986, as a birthday present from my dad. I had already started collecting every Duran Duran 12" record ever made just for the occasion. I still have a few of them (and some Billy Idol).

Maybe we'll have a dance party tonight.

In other news, someone wrote an article on Russian Blues for a website called My Smelly (?!) and used my photo of Zasha in it (yes, they asked and it was ok with me. it's nice to be asked, isn't it?). I think it looks great!

Also, tomorrow I'm planning to post a black and white photo I took recently that I really like. If you have taken any lately that you'd like to share, please come back tomorrow and post a link in the comments. I'd sure love to see!


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Love the yarn and really love the new header! What an excellent photograph of that pretty redhead :)

I'm a huge fan of black and whites and will try to remember to post a couple of them tomorrow.


I totally love that color. I can't wait to see what develops with the skein...good luck.
Is spinning hard to do?? I have been I need another crafty hobby,but you never know....Sherry
P.S. lovely article


How pretty that is! Can't wait to see what you ply it with! Also, I've already got my black and white post ready and waiting!


Oh my, I think I need a nap. When you said your photo of Zasha was used for an article on Russian Blues, I was thinking it was about a band. You were just talking about a record player, after all.

I'm so glad you are enjoying your spinning wheel. The yarn looks wonderful, Maya.


I do love the color of the yarn as well. I'm starting my first I'm doing a little bit of fiber every day as well.

renee @ FIMBY

oh my, green yarn. It just doesn't get better than that. And those bunnies! What a lovely new header.


That's such pretty yarn! Way to go, Maya! And I love your new header. And is that a new font for springtree? Very cool.

maya | springtree road

hi shelli! that is a new font in the header - i think april was the first month i used it. i'm pretty fond of it.

spread your wings

oh wow i LOVE that color. can't wait to see what else you have done.
so much exciting here - love the new banner (incredible bunny photo), your spinning is beautiful, Zasha is famous, and a record player and dance party – how fun.


wow maya that yarn is a fantastic color! what kind of dyes are you using?
i love the new banner too, very cute bunnies!


You spin me right round baby right round....


Well done and green is my favourite colour. Please, please knit something with this so we can see your yarn as a fisished product.


Oh, I love that! :) Can't wait to see what you ply it with! Good job waiting to list, I couldn't wait, hehe.


a) love the new blog header

b) very cool on the spinning! let us know when you have yarn added to the shop. my sister is a knitter so I'll be sure to tell her about it!

c) a supplier for cards? I am going to turn some of my dog/cat photos into blank cards and see if the nearby pet store wants to sell them to raise $ for our animal shelter. if it works out .. it would be nice to find some place to buy cards in bulk .. I am buying them in 5 packs to prepare because that's all I can find, LOL

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