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Meet Zasha

There's a new cat in town.

Meet Zasha.

meet zasha 001

She's a Russian Blue.

And a lady.

meet zasha 010

She's very coy.

meet zasha 009

And very stretchy.

meet zasha 011

Stretchy kitty!

meet zasha 012

See you later, cat.

meet zasha 013

You can see a full shot of the lovely miss here. She's a rescue cat who has spent the last 6 months in a cage. She's very shy at the moment - and realizes that Grace is the alpha cat. They got into a little tussle this morning. So she's got the spare bedroom to herself and spends most of her time in the closet. I hope that will change soon, as she starts to feel more comfortable with us. I didn't go looking for another gray cat, that's for sure, but I'm glad she found me.


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spread your wings

oh i'm glad she found you too. she's looks SO much like our little Russian Blue, Kodi - who we adopted last year. you got such great photos of Zasha (love the name), That blue wall behind her - perfect. I have such a hard time getting photos of Kodi.


awww, she's so pretty! congrats on the new cat, I'm sure she'll warm up soon

rachel whetzel

She's STUNNING!! I love her eyes in the one of her stretching with them open!! Great shot!!


She is beautiful! Your shots of her are wonderful. You need to write a Zasha book for children, including your photos, of course! I can so see her in a book.

simply stork

I just love it when animals find us...there is just something about it all...

she looks like a wonderful new friend :o)



wow, she's beautiful!
i love the stretching photo - great shot!


That is one very special and beautiful cat, and some stunning photos.

I love that cats find us. Ours definitely chose us, not the other way around. They said he was so timid they never thought they'd home him, we'd supposedly agreed we couldn't cope with a timid cat. It was fate. He rules the household (timid, yeah right, that was some act he had going!), and he can still rely on his big sad eyes to get him anything and everything he wants, a trick he learnt after the first hour of being with us!

I look forward to more lovely cat tales and photographs.


Aw, wook at da baby! Yes, I talk to animals like that. I was sorry to read of your older cat's passing, but typepad wouldn't let me comment. I know how hard it is to lose a beloved pet. Hugs.


So very pretty.

All of your photos are so dreamy. Love em.


wow! she's gorgeous! and what a perfect name!
your pictures couldn't be more complimentary- they're wonderful!


She's gorgeous!! I'm sure it won't be long before she's glad she found you, too. Poor kitty, I can't imagine her having to spend six months in a cage. I'm glad you found her.

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Oh she's lovely and I'm sure she'll gain more confidence as time goes on. Poor thing being in a cage for 6 months!! No wonder she's so scared. Thank you for rescuing her.


What a beautiful cat. Your pictures are so nice.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

She's beautiful! Love these photos of her.


What a honey! Great photos!


ZASHA! Welcome! What a beautiful kitty. Glad she found a wonderful home.

A Beach House Dreamer

Fabulous pictures, I have to say and what a gorgeous cat.


A true beauty... I'm sure you can't take your eyes of her! And as always, your photography is amazing.


Oh my - she is so beautiful! WOW - so beautiful!! I have two rescue kitties and my husband won't let me get anymore right now. So I get them and give them to family! WOW - I can't get over how beautiful Zasha is!! I'm glad you two found one another!
~angela @ peonypatch

Daly Essentials

ohhh I love her! I grew up with cats and am such a cat lover, but I've developed a severe allergy over the past few years, so when I see pictures of such a cute kitty like Zasha, I'm so jealous! I'm glad she's found a good home!


Oh Maya she's lovely!


So pretty!

And, Maya, those photos are AMAZING!

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Recent blog post: Please Look After This Starter


Zasha is gorgeous.

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