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Sad news on Springtree Road. My cat Wylie, who just turned 18 last week, had kidney failure. We didn't know about it until it was too late. I have so much I'd like to say about my sweet Wylie cat, but the words are floating about my head today while I lie in a puddle on the floor.

baby wylie asleep in candy dish

When I got Wylie, he was a 5-week-old puff of a kitten who fit in one hand. He was in love with me from the start and I with him.

baby wylie in tissue box 2

baby wylie in tissue box

A half-Persian with all the neuroses that come with the breed, he was always my favorite. (Don't tell Grace, though.) He was a fine young cat. Here he is when we lived in Knoxville, after I got my new camera - my best pictures.

cold morning 016

He rarely sat still for a picture and he was dark gray, so he was very difficult to photograph well.

cat 059

But I got a few good ones. This look is so him. :)

cat 031

Wylie. Wyles, Sir Wyles of Ashencoat, W, Buddy, my middle child.

wylie 002

He always looked at me with those loving eyes and gave me that loud purr he had. He was my buddy. When I was sick, he slept at my back. When I cried, he purred me to comfort. He never raised a paw to V, even though she stressed him out as often as she was able. I'm better for having known him.

Here he is in the new house, at the beginning of April.

v wylie 012

I'm glad he got to live here in this house with us, even though it was just a short time. I can see now from these photos that he didn't feel well. I didn't recognize it at the time. Even if I'd realized, the outcome would've been the same.

v wylie 003

And things change again.


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Oh, maya, my heart goes out to you. I'm so sorry for your loss. Wylie was so handsome. He sounds like he was a wonderful part of your family. Hugs from me.


Poor sweet boy. I'm so sorry.


i'm so sorry maya, i can't imagine how hard this must be for you.
your post is a beautiful eulogy - i have tear in my eyes as i type this.


so sorry to hear this maya

spread your wings

oh this makes me so sad - makes me tear up. i know it must be hard for you. sounds like you had a strong bond. how is V handling it?
so sorry for your loss.


He's such a beauty..my 2y-old kept saying "Meow, meow" when I scroll down all the photos. I gave up keeping cats for nearly half a year now..my eldest daughter can't stand the heartbreak of losing them anymore. Hugs to you.


Oh Maya, I'm so so sorry. He was beautiful, and clearly loved. Hang in there.


What a lovely tribute to Wylie. My thoughts and the purrs of my three kitties are with you and your family. Sounds like he was very much a part of your family. My heart aches for you!


Aw. I'm sorry. What beautiful photos for remembering a good friend.


So sorry. He was a real beauty. In some of the pictures, he looks exactly like Ubi, the cat that I grew up thinking was my sister. He sounds like her, too... smart, funny, loving, proud & chatty. I feel for you.


Please accept my sincere condolences. I hope your beautiful photos and memories can help you through this sad time.


Oh - I'm so sorry...


So sorry, lovely photos.


I am so sorry to hear about your cat. I lost my beloved pet back in Jan and it still bothers me at certain times.
I just found your blog today surfing around and I love all the photos you have on your posts. You have a very unique eye behind the camera. I like it alot it is very refreshing.

Tabbi (MomtasticStitch)

Hugs so many hugs..my elderly cat is 23+ and I am just waiting and loving her...I think they know that we loved them and they us....remember his purr, hang up his pics --hugs to you today!


I'm so sorry, Maya! Your pictures of him are beautiful.

Monkey's Momma

Oh Maya, I am so sorry. It is so hard to lose our pets. They are such an important part of our life. A beautiful eulogy....take your time, remember your baby and take care of yourself. {{{Maya}}}

Valerie Hildebrand

I am so very very sorry to hear of your loss...what a beautiful little boy...my heart goes out to you and your family...what a loving family he had to share his life with...you are all richer for having him share yours!! I too had a wonderful tabby 'Coalman'...who I lost at age 18 as well, from kidney disease...I loved him dearly...Most sincerely, Valerie from Manitoba, Canada xo


I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved kitty, Maya. Wylie was clearly loved. My cat died about nine years ago and I still miss her and tear up when I think about her. They are with us for too short a time, but life would be that much emptier had they never been a part of it. Hugs to you and your family.


I'm so sorry. Sounds like he had a wonderful life. I only wish pets lived longer.


Feeling your pain ... so sorry Wylie's time here is over. Looks like you have lots of sweet memories and beautiful photographs to get you through, though.

Bella Casa

I'm so very sorry, Maya. He was beautiful and oh so loved. He was lucky to know you and steal your heart.



oh i'm so sorry, maya. you and your family must be heartbroken.
this was such a touching tribute to wylie. thank you for sharing such lovely memories of him with us.


Yeah, Wylie was a gorgeous cat.
I am sorry for you: huge hug. (hug)


I'm so sorry-hugsxxx

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