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Sneaky Weasel + giveaway (yay!)

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Does this little girl look like she's in the mood for her mama to take her photo?

v Sneaky Weasel 004


Let's try again.

v Sneaky Weasel 024

Ok, now that's more like it!

Recently, I got my weaselly little mitts on a really great children's book, my favorite in a while. It's called Sneaky Weasel and it's by first-time children's book author/illustrator Hannah Shaw.

v Sneaky Weasel 087

The premise is simple: Sneaky Weasel is a bully and, when he finally realizes that nobody likes him, he mends his fences and his ways and then there's a party.

v Sneaky Weasel 057

It's a good story on its own, but the illustrations! Oh my! This book is vivid. Right down to the font and word choices, there is a lot of really fantastic artwork going on here. V and I could spend all afternoon picking out things we didn't notice the last time and laughing over just how sneaky that weasel is.

v Sneaky Weasel 043

At 3 & 1/2, V is just now getting to the point where she understands the moral of a story and can begin to relate it to her own life. And we've just scratched the surface of this book - it will continue to unfold for her for a long time to come. Right now, we're just enjoying the book and talking a bit about it in connection with situations in our lives, but there are opportunities here to talk about bullying, apologizing when you're wrong, being a good friend, and what to serve a hedgehog at a party (apparently, they quite like chocolate bars).

v Sneaky Weasel 040

Our favorite part is where Sneaky Weasel comes up with his "being good plan." V likes to talk about how Sneaky Weasel paces around the table and comes up with a few plans that won't work before he finally hits on a solution. We're big on thinking about our problems and talking it out to find solutions and this part of the book is a nice reinforcement. If it worked for Sneaky Weasel, it can work for you.

v Sneaky Weasel 018

We also like how Sneaky Weasel retains some of his sneaky nature at the end. As we all do - even the sweetest among us has a mischievous streak.

v Sneaky Weasel 007

Wait, one more time. Ah, there she is - there's my sweet girl!

v Sneaky Weasel 035

Now, here's the part I'm really excited about - the lovely folks at Random House are letting me give away four copies of Sneaky Weasel. Is that nice or what? This is a really great book and I'm thrilled to give four of you the chance to find that out for yourselves.


1. The giveaway is only open to those living in the US.
2. Please leave a comment on this post if you'd like to be entered.
3. For a second entry, please tweet a link to this post & come back and leave me a comment with the link to your tweet.
4. For two extra entries, blog about the contest and leave me two comments so I can count both entries.

I will close comments on Tuesday morning, May 19th, and announce the winners later that day.

Good luck!

P.S. Don't blame me, her Grandmo bought her the Crocs!

v Sneaky Weasel 020


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Sneaky Weasel looks like it has beautiful graphics and it would be fun to read with my son.


Oh what a fun book!!! We love love love books around here :)

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I tweeted it :)


Oh, how fun! Looks like a great book.

Sherry DeLong

I love books, especially fun and colorful ones. Count me in.


I would like to have an official entry into your giveaway, Miss Maya! :)

This book looks lovely and something that Mattie Monster would enjoy.


lil has those exact crocs!

the book looks awesome - count us in on the contest too!


One of these days (far, far away) I'll be a grandma, so count me in for the book contest! Sounds like a fun book. Shame on Grandmo - what is she thinking buying V crocs!?! Do I have to confess that I have a pair? Buster mostly uses them for chew toys and they haven't been destroyed yet. I keep hoping...

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What a face. Did you tell V to look fierce? hehe. But when she smiles, its all heart!


I know Delaney would LOVE Sneaky Weasel too!! =)


That looks like a great book... please put my name in the hat!

I LOOOOOOVE those cranky pictures of V! They are too cute!


i'd love to be entered---
i've got a few 'sneaky weasel' wannabes in my kindergarten class, sounds like a book we could really benefit from reading!


Count me in, too! We love a good book...


Yes, please.

What's wrong with the Crocs?

Love the yellow chair.


My daughter lives in crocs.
This was a fun and colourful dispaly of pictures.

your give away looks great.


Ooh, I'd love to be entered. My daughter is an avid bookworm, and I'm always looking for good books for her. Thanks!

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

I got such a kick out of V's "before" face in those pics. Ha. What a cutie she is.

This book looks great. Hadn't seen it before. What a fun giveaway! :-)

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Oh, and I tweeted it. Signed, "Pookie." ;-)


Oh, I think Sneaky Weasel is an adorable book. The weasel in general is a funny sort, and aren't Hannah's illustrations perfect? He comes off as so smarmy.


i love children's books! And so does my 3 1/2 year old daughter who has that bathing suit and pink crocs!

This looks like a fun book!


What a fun story1

Bella Casa

That looks like a great book! My 5yo son would love it, I am sure, so here's my entry :)

Thanks for the chance!

Paper Dolls for Boys

Thanks for the giveaway! I just got a job for next year teaching K and I'm thinking they could all learn a lesson from Sneaky Weasel!

Count me in and I'll try and twitter it but I'm twitter challenged so...

Paper Dolls for Boys

I think I twerper:http://twitter.com/paperdolls4boys



I think the girls would love that book--they actually play a game with Chris in which they are weasels!

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