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Such a (pretty) cliche

There must be thousands of flower photos that look just like this in the world. Still, when I saw them, I had to stop and take pictures.

If I don't see you tomorrow, have a happy Mother's Day.

such a (pretty) cliche 002

I'm looking forward to a card and some French Toast.

such a (pretty) cliche 003

And hopefully lots of hugs and kisses.


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Happy Mother's Day, Maya!! George said if we are still sick tomorrow (which I'm sure we will be) he'll order our favorite pizza and go pick it up. Sounds good to me!

spread your wings

Happy Mother's Day to you! love these daisies!


the daisy pictures are amazing - they look like paintings!

happy mother's day to you!


beautiful pictures! Happy Mother's Day


Very pretty!! Daisies are my favorite flower. I hope you enjoy your day, your french toast and get lots of those hugs and kisses.

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Happy Mother's Day, Maya!

Sandra Foyt

It's a little early for daisies in our neck of the woods, so it's lovely to see them here.


so pretty! Happy Mom's Day :)


Happy Mother's Day!


I hope you got lots of hugs (and french toast) yesterday!


I hope you had a special Mother's Day -- Your photos are gorgeous!


I hope you had a great Mother's Day, and I also really hope that you will turn those beautiful pictures into cards that I can buy from your Etsy shop!

Lisa Renata

So what if there are a thousand out there?!! These you took and that makes them lovely, lovely, lovely.

Hope you had a sweet Mother's day!


these are the sweetest daisies in the field photos i have ever seen :)

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