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The Big Chicken

You can't live anywhere near Atlanta and not have heard of The Big Chicken, but until a few weeks ago I'd never seen him with my own eyes.

He's so fabulous, his bright red glory blew out my sky.


His beak opens and closes and his eyes are googly.


And on the way home, roadside dandelions all yellow and green.


Thank you for taking the time to comment on my last post. We're all feeling better than we were a few days ago - Wylie had a nice, long life with much love and his passing left us an open spot to welcome another sweet kitty into our home who has spent at least the last six months in a cage. She deserves far better and now she will have it. More on that soon...


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spread your wings

i haven't seen the big chicken for a while. looks like he's had a nice makeover - fresh paint, etc.

Brandie V

Oh, I like the big chicken - I've never heard of him though. Would be cool to see it in person.


That is a really big chicken!

It's so fun so see how fast food places look so different from country to country.'s lunchtime for me here :P


What a hoot! (or would it be a cluck?)


Oh my, but that's a big chicken. Interesting info in that link about it. Can't wait to hear about the new kitty.

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I'm very sorry to hear about your cat. We lost one of our dear dogs this past year. Pets are so integrated into our lives that it makes it difficult to lose them. At least now I can rest knowing he's not hurting any more (and knowing he won't jump the fence and run away again!). :)


What a chicken!

That is so wonderful that you are rescuing a kitty from a caged life. Can't wait to see her.


That is a great big chicken! We don't have anything nearly that fun around here. I'll have to go out hunting...


I've never heard of the Big Chicken!

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