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I've started collecting the tools I need for spinning. It's fabulous fun getting things in the mail almost every day, but I'm just a tiny bit worried about the cost. Well more than a tiny bit, but I'm trying to keep calm and carry on with it.

This is the swift that came yesterday. It's for winding skeins into balls of yarn. I'm still waiting for the ball winder. Maybe it'll come today.

v tools of the trade 002

Nice lines.

v tools of the trade 007

This is the sett gauge I got from Ghstworks. It may be the finest piece of wood in my house. It is super smooth and beautiful. It's for counting the wraps per inch of yarn (wind it around the 1-inch notch there at the end) so you can tell what weight of yarn you've got (fingering, worsted, chunky, etc.)

v tools of the trade 016

And this is my wheel. It's an inexpensive wheel I got used from my new friend Amber. It's from Babe's Fiber Garden and made of PVC pipe and other inexpensive materials. It spins great, is easy to set up and use, very lightweight for traveling, and wonderful for learning on. This is the flyer with the bobbin in the background.

v tools of the trade 020

And this they call the orifice, with a leader yarn ready to start spinning. I must admit that from afar it's not the kind of pretty wheel I think of when I think of a spinning wheel, but I do love the blue. Life is in the details, anyway.

v tools of the trade 024

I loved taking these photos; I think they really show how enamored I am with my latest quest - better than my simple words could express. Things were good before, even when they were bad, but now I wake up every day with more happiness than I think I've ever known. Between loving my family, my husband being happy in his new job and having the space for him to start working on music again (knowing what that means to him), continuing to learn about my camera, and the opportunities I see through fiber arts, I feel like things are falling into place.


Please join me at Alpaca Farmgirl's Fiber Arts Friday to see what other wonderful fiber artists are up to this week!


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The 6 O'Clock Stitch

Oh, the photographs are beautiful. I am so intrigued with this process. Looking forward to seeing your handywork.


Isn't it great when the tools for something can be enjoyed as much as the outcome. The gauge photograph just makes me want to hold it. I can't wait to see the outcome of these lovely objects.

Nice to hear things are falling into place, you certainly deserve it. I love that feeling, when suddenly you look around and notice that things are coming together.


I love these photos! You are so good! I just want to stare at them and touch the wood! I'm so happy that you are happy!


Gorgeous photographs as usual! It's so fun to watch you be inspired and gather all of your gear. From the sneak peeks I have caught a glimpse of, you are going to be an amazing spinner. Your attention to detail and quest to master are going to take you places lady! Good luck and enjoy the ART of spinning.

spread your wings

oh i'm so happy for you - everything seems to be going really well for you.
love these photos you took and i can sure sense your excitement. you're going to really enjoy this craft I know it. really makes me want to get my loom out again. I used to have it set up in a prominent location because it's just so pretty. There's nothing more relaxing that the rhythm of weaving. my dad made me a beautiful swift and I always loved the way it looked - like you said, such beautiful lines, all set up with the luscious yarn on it.... yep you've inspired me.


you sound so happy. I love your photographs -- excellent work. I remember reading a novel in which the protagonist was a weaver. I still remember the rhythm of her 'weaver' that came through and all the wonderful tactile references. This post reminds me of that.

Kristi aka FiberFool

Gorgeous photos! They do indeed show your love of your new pursuit.


My heart leaped for you as I read that last paragraph. I'm so glad for you.


beautiful! i'm excited for you and excited to see what you're spinning up!
i'm glad too, that you are feeling so much joy and surrounded by so much love and happiness.


That's so cool, Maya. I'm truly happy for you. Can't wait to see your creations with this. You'll have to post photos of every step. These are wonderful, btw, but I'm missing Miss V. ;-)

Recent blog post: Love’s Good-Morrow


:) So good to know the light at the end of the tunnel is now a field of sunshine...

Got your photo ready to send off, then discovered that I've lost your address! How typical of me. Would you mind sending it again? Thanks.


I can't wait to watch your journey into spinning! I'm not there yet with my yarn fixation, but I can feel it creeping up on me...

Carolyn B (vintagepix)

Wonderful photos, I feel like I can reach out and touch your tools and spin the wheel!


Incredible photos!!!!
Your mom has been doing my hair since 1982, so I've heard lots about you. Delighted to see your handiwork.
I'm looking for a knit/crochet pattern for a jacket I'd like to make out of Yarn Bee topkapi -- I need a very loosely woven pattern. I haven't had any luck finding a pattern and I'm not skilled enough to create a fitted pattern. So, your mom suggested I try connecting with your network. Any suggestions?

renee @ FIMBY

been meaning to say "I'm happy you're happy" for about a week now. Being happy & motivated to get out of bed is a wonderful way to live.

Alpaca Farmgirl

Adore these photographs. WOW!

Getting ready to start spinning this month at a class we are having. Can hardly wait. We'll have to stay in touch about our parallel spinning journeys. :)

Thank you for participating in Fiber Arts Friday!


I'm a beginner spinner too! I've just about got the spinning down pat, but I suck at plying.

So much to learn.


Wow! So excited for you!! And your photos have such a wonderful dreamy and calming aura to them- so nice.

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