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Small, pre-post announcement: I'm really missing my black and white photos. So I've decided to spend more time taking them and then dedicating the first day of each month to them. I'd love for you to join me! On June 1st, I'll ask you to leave a link to your b&w photo in the comments. I'll have more details & probably a little badge & a flickr group later on...


I like to think of myself as someone who loves routine. I'm a homebody who loves to bake bread. I want to knit and sew and do crafty stuff with my daughter.

And yet I have lived in six towns in the past seven years. Currently, I have to Mapquest every place I go because streets have started to look the same to me. I'll be driving along and suddenly I can't remember if I'm in West Palm Beach or Knoxville, but then I realize that I'm not in either of them.

As soon as things start to look like they might calm down, we always seem to do something to shake them up again. Like in 2005 when we got pregnant right before we moved to Florida, away from all our friends and family. Or in 2006 when R decided to go back to school when V was 6 months old (and still wasn't sleeping well) and we'd just moved to Knoxville. Or like this weekend when we go to PetSmart to pick up a cat scratcher for our new cat Zasha and walk out with that and a new kitten.


It just seemed like the thing to do. Don't ask me why.


Because now we have three cats and none of them really gets along yet. Zasha is none too pleased with Roxy. This is the look she gets when she hears Roxy playing in the next room.


So she just hangs out either on the bed or under it all day. But I'm doing my best to make sure she gets enough attention. She'll come around.


At 8 weeks old, Roxy is too young to care what Zasha thinks of her. Grace isn't Roxy's biggest fan either, but she tolerates her well enough. It's hard to resist the charm of a kitten.


But that's it - no more cats! I promise! We'll have to find some other way to make the chaos - shouldn't be too hard.


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I hope things settle and the felines make friends. Dang, there's lots of cuteness in your household, hey??

Great idea about the B&W photos! Can't wait to see 'em.


Oh, maya, the look on Zasha's face is too funny! Roxy is such a cute little one. Hope the three of them learn to love each other!

How exciting that you are going to do a b&w day each month! Can't wait!


Oh, what a cutie! Her coloring looks so much like our cat, white feet and all.

And Lizi has missed your b&w photos, too - we'll be glad to see more!


I still miss having a cat around the house. Your photos bring me back immediately to the joys and foibles. Of our 3 dogs, two are fine with cats (one loves cats) but the oldest dog absolutely is a killer. So, I don't dare bring a dear cat in the house. I love the look on Zasha's face and that bottom photo of your kitten is so wonderful especially with that soft pink blanket she's on.

Julia @ Hooked on Houses

Kittens are so hard to resist! And this is such a cute one. I can see why you weren't able to walk away. But you are just a little bit crazy! Ha. Keeps life interesting, though. :-)


What a sweet little kitten!

spread your wings

kittens ARE hard to resist.
kodi had that same little pink bed. nothing cuter than a sleeping kitty are snug in a bed.


going in for a cat scratcher and coming out with a brand new kitten? that is like my dream come true!

your pictures of all of your furry brood are completely gorgeous. one of these days, when i'm brave enough to come home with kitten #2 of my own, i'm sure i'll be hitting you up for 'how to prevent one from eating the other' advice!


I was just thinking about all the black and white photos of November as I was trying to figure out the black and white setting on my new camera yesterday (still haven't gotten it yet!). That kitten is too sweet!!

Fighting Windmills

Awwwwwwww! I love cats so much. Yours are beautiful.


atlas would love your house! now there's an idea for more chaos ;)


I'm going to live vicariously through you because Chris is wildly allergic to cats!

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Thank you for adding this to the Pet Parade! (That darn Mr. Linky is not working again. That thing is so annoying!)


Oh, I love cats. What a great shot of that little pink tongue!


Roxy is so cute! I'm sure they'll be fast friends in no time.

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I love it! I have always heard that pets are good for your health. So, it seems you will be good for a while. LOL Don't worry, things will calm down soon with the kitties.
We have really been missing our furry friends around here. The kids keep looking out the backyard for a dog that paid us a visit the other day. But we are not getting a dog! I am a cat lady at heart.


oh... my...

that last pic made me want to lean in & smooch my monitor, lol! what a fab kitty; all of them actually are beautiful- 3 cats, lucky!!
and, thanks for the visit & kind comment on my blogaroonie. always happy to "meet" someone new :)



What sweet pics! Kittens are pretty irresistible, aren't they? We have several strays living around us, and our own kitty is not fond of them either. So it's easier to resist. ;)

Monkey's Momma

Love the picture of the brand new kitty. What a sweetie!


Aww, I love kitties! Found you through the pet parade.

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