My grandparents standing on a bridge somewhere
It's starting to look official


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Oh me too - it'll still be a couple of months before they harvest hay up here...


Whenever we visited my grandparents in Germany, my father would take tons of pictures of the bales of hay in the fields. If I can find them, I'll post some to show you.


i love how the triptych makes one giant bale of hay on your blog. very clever!


I can just smell it! We don't have as much of the big round baling around here as the rectangular bales. Love your new header!


I grew up in a house that backed to the hay field and my favorite summer memories were sitting on the edge of the field watching them bale hay...and the sweet smell!!! I think I love bales of hay just as much as you!

Fighting Windmills

My best friend and I used to sit on top of them and make up stories about riding woolly mammoths. :) I loved growing up in the country.


What a creative series of shots!


You should find a way to sell this triptych --absolutely gorgeous, amazing pictures. I would snap up these pictures in a heartbeat. If you put this in your etsy store, maybe as a file download? I would get it, absolutely. (Assuming I could afford it...if not, I would save up, birthday is in Sept). This, I really love.
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