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V loves buttons

V was playing in the living room with her buttons when I took this. She plays with them a lot, sorting and counting and also gluing them to her pictures.

buttons in bw

If you have a black and white photo you'd like to show off today, please leave a link to it in the comments. I plan to have a b&w day the first of every month and I also just set up a flickr group, so please feel free to add your favorite b&ws there any time of the month.


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There really is something so wonderful about buttons, isn't there? I have my mom's old sewing box and when I have occasion to open it up, I always look through the buttons that she collected through the years. I love your photo!

maya | springtree road

i love old buttons the best! how lucky to have your mom's old buttons.

and don't forget your link, gayle! :)

Sarah- Bit of Whimsy Dolls

I loved playing with the buttons in my mom's button jar. I remember one button in particular that was black plastic and had a rhinestone set in the middle. I thought it was the most beautiful little treasure that I had ever seen. :)

Here's my photo!

Monkey's Momma

I love playing with buttons too. There is just something about them, ya know. I LOVE your June header!!


my girls love playing with my buttons too. I posted a photo in the flickr group!


What an adorable photo -- I love it.

For my black & white, I went into the garden (Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC). Enjoy


there is just something about the feel of a big bunch buttons in your hands glad you are doing this Maya ...I posted a couple on the flickr page.


Can I do a b&w tomorrow and add the link? By the time I got to my work on my post for today it was after midnight and I just wanted to get it done. I love this shot of V's hand. And the buttons. Now how about one of the rest of V?? =) (Yes, I've been told I'm kind of bossy, but V's so cute.)

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I used to love to button sort at Grammie's and I still do now. Here's my black and white:


what is it about buttons?
my mom had hers in this big red plastic box. dumping them all out and rifling through them always seemed like such a magical undertaking!

i wanted to put up a post with some new b&w pictures but unfortunately my scanner is being very grumpy. so i'll link to one of my old ones and hope the scanner's in a better mood next month!


This may sound a little weird but those buttons look "happy". I posted a pic to share in over at my photoblog:

love this idea!
raisingthecam( your twitter friend!)


Here's my link for my b&w, Maya!

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Buttons are wonderful play things and very creative for the mind! Lovely image.
I shot a lot of B&Ws more than color and they can be seen in the archives of my link. :)


Old collections of buttons seem to fascinate the young and old alike. Great photo, too.

spread your wings

T always loved buttons too - she loved to sort my moms big collection and then she would make necklaces with them.
great b/w photo


I faintly remember playing with my mom's button collection. Thanks for helping me to recall that.

Also, thanks for commenting my "groovy" blog! :)


I love the buttons! I'll have to remember to take some good B&Ws for July 1st. And then I'll probably be with a two day old for August 1st. ACK!

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i hope i'm not too late to play along - i was driving to chicago on the first! i'm uploading a picture i took while i was there and i'll add it to the pool.
love the picture of v and your buttons. i too have lovely memories of sorting through my mom and grandma's button collections.

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