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Yarn Couch

Ok, this was totally not my idea, but I think V might be getting into yarnbombing.

v yarn couch 008

I was talking on the phone to my friend Kim and when I hung up, V was halfway through a ball of yarn she sneaked out of a drawer.

v yarn couch 010

I figured what the heck and let her run with it.

v yarn couch 013

She called her masterpiece "Yarn Couch."

v yarn couch 023

Kitten dug it too.

v yarn couch 004

When she was through, she was tired & happy - my own little artist in residence.

v yarn couch 021

I'm planning to leave it up for a day or two, just because.


You can also check out more fiber-related goodness at Alpaca Farmgirl's Fiber Arts Friday!


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-laffin' out loud! She is very ambitious - that's a lot of work for a 3yo! You should leave it up, just because. :)


Love it! Juvenile yarn bombing :)

rachel whetzel

Hee Hee!! I LOVE IT!!


that looks like fun, what a good mama you are :) LOVE the pictures!


Seems about right...


that is awesome! and a very familiar scene!
although never *around* the couch, lily and pippin are always stringing yarn all over my house as well, so much so that they have their own collection of yarn so that hey won't use my good stuff anymore.
ps - i think we have the same couch.


That's too cute. I especially love the feet in the air and the kitten photo!


I love that you're leaving it up for a day or two! I think it's so important that we show kids that we are proud of, and appreciate, their creativity!


So sweet, what a lucky little girl to have such a good mama. Great photos too. Thanks for sharing.


It really does look like a bunch of tactile fun...


Fantastic! Looks like she had a blast!


Nice!! What kids can do with some imagination!

Kathi Pecor

sometimes you just gotta let the little ones have fun-even if it's a mess. Don't want to squash their creativity. Have fun winding it back up!


Love it!
V. and the kitten are a good team.
double cuteness


She could totally display that at many of the modern art galleries in NYC!


I'm not sure which is better: that she feels so open and free to create in that way or that you actually appreciate it and are going to leave it up a few days. Boy, this is some fanastic in my books!


You've got a budding artist in your house. I'm glad you left it up for a while.

Lisa Renata

too cute. an artist in the making. ahhh.

Monkey's Momma

You are such a good mom!

Alpaca Farmgirl

Love this for Fiber Arts Friday! Thanks for participating. Your photography is beautiful!

(and I think we have that same couch! lol)


This could totally be an art installation of some kind. :)

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