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I've been wanting to have some of my photos printed onto canvas for a while, but it's not really in the budget right now. So when I saw a tweet offering a free 8x10 canvas in exchange for a blog post, I jumped all over it.

I emailed one of my favorite photos of V, and a few days later got this 8x10 canvas from ZaZa Gallery.


Now it's looking good on my fireplace mantle. It's very well made - the colors are vivid, the photo looks as clear and sharp as it did on my computer screen, and the canvas is securely wrapped. It's beautiful, don't you think?

At $25 for an 8x10, $39 for an 11x14, and $99 for a 20x30, it would be affordable to take some of those photos jamming up my hard drive (I so need an external hard drive!) and turning them into a piece of art I can hang on the wall. That's why I got the camera after all, right?

If you have a blog and follow ZaZa Gallery on twitter, you might try their links for canvas program yourself the next time it's available, or you can take my good word for it and order one of your own fabulous photos on canvas. A free 8x10 is very nice but to really see the beauty of a photo on canvas bigger is always better.


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You picked such a lovely photo to have printed!

Heather B.

Stunning! Seriously,how do you ever say no to those eyes? I just love that photo.


I've been thinking of doing something with my photos, but I wasn't sure yet. I thought perhaps a photo book but photos on canvas are nice...good holiday gifts!


She is a beauty.


How are the blacks? It seems with these services that the shadows tend to be over-saturated. Btw, I have that same little red vase. :)

spread your wings

it's beautiful.i love the photo you chose - V's eyes are just so compelling


Wow, wow, wow! I love it!

Can I say "wow" a few more times?

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Totally cool.

It really is the perfect photo too.

This is the perfect gift for someone I know. Thanks for the heads up.


That is a great canvas. I have seen many canvas prints look very washed out and that has turned me off them. This looks great quality.


Wow, that's great! It's a great gift idea. Thanks for the info!


wow! the picture looks amazing, I might have to check it out

Lisa Renata

I love it. The photo looks very professional. I definitely need to check out their site.



Nice color on that! Looking forward to getting a few for my living room wall.

Now, how on earth to chose photos?

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What a great selection to have printed, Maya. V is such a natural in front of the camera. Its always great to have a new source for things like this. The prices look good, too. Okay, so maybe twitter is good for something. Keep this up and you might convince me yet. =)

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Oh shoot, I tweaked that commentluv link and forgot to change the date, so it won't work. Sorry!!

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Monkey's Momma

Thanks for the link. I am now a follower on Twitter, so hopefully, I will get a chance to have one made myself!

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