Look what I got from Mireio
Then there came a day

At long last, I have been immortalized - in chocolate!

Ok, not really. But now at least I can pretend.

v spicy maya 004

Spicy Maya - suits me, yes?

I think this may be the prettiest bar of chocolate I have ever seen.

v spicy maya 014

Cinnamony, spicy and sweet. The heat is pleasant - not too hot (I don't like really spicy food), but you can definitely feel it in your mouth. Delicious!

v spicy maya 008

I would like to be able to have a bag of 2oz. single serve chocolates so I could have one every day for the rest of my life. I really thought it was fantastic. I can't stop thinking about it and now I'm plotting when I can get my next bar (R found it at Walmart).

Chuao also makes other flavors, including a milk chocolate with Earl Grey bar and Firecracker Truffles that have popping candy inside that I'd love to try.

Yum yum yum!


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Wow and that Maya chocolate sounds so deliciuosly my taste..I love spicy and sweet combined together. Too bad I don't any indications they're venturing abroad at the moment. I'll have an eye for this brand..


Here in the UK Green and Blacks make a chocolate called "Maya Gold" which is a lightly spiced dark chocolate with a hint or orange. I'll have to send you a bar one day so you can collect all the wrappers and can revel in how people are capturing your spice and gold in chocolate form.


I have seen spicy chocolate, but I've never tried it. Someday I need to, and if I see Spicy Maya, I'll definitely try it!


That sounds yummy. Noah and I try to share a chocolate bar often. One of his first words.
I guess R thinks you are spicy. LOL


Chocolate and chiles are a yummy combination.

maya | springtree road

@sheri - i certainly hope so! ;)


green and blacks do one called Maya Gold (orange & dark chocolate)


Looks delicious! Just like all your blog posts!


omg I want want that candy bar.. immediately

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