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July 1st in b&w

I'm always afraid when I take portraits of other people. I so want to capture their essence. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.

But in these four photos, I believe I have truly captured the essence of V as she is today. I was taking pictures of my yarn in color and she wanted to hold it for me (that's when I took the picture that is the header for my soon-to-be-open Etsy shop). But she was being so sweet and so thoughtful, that I switched to b&w mode just to see what would happen.

v blue loves purple 031

In the next two I asked her to show different emotions. She loves it when I do that because eventually it leads to me asking her to be silly and she gets to jump up and down and act crazy. I have lots of V jumping in the air shots. A lot of times she won't smile when I ask for happy (or she just opens her mouth wide), but that day she gave me several big grins.

v blue loves purple 041

This is her sad face. This is so very V when she pretend pouts.

v blue loves purple 044

In this one, I wasn't directing her; we were very relaxed and not talking at all. I like the soft focus, her hand on her cheek, and the position of her head. Not your typical portrait of a 3-year-old - it's my favorite of the day.

v blue loves purple 067

If you have a b&w to share, please leave a link in the comments below - I can't wait to see them! You can also join my group on flickr and add your b&w photos any time of the month. Thanks!


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great pictures! love the pout


Oh, maya, I love those photos! V is such a sweet model! Here's mine: http://planetmfiles.com/2009/07/01/snowballs-in-july/

I'll add my link to your site now!


what an expressive face ...she is growing so !
your etsy shop sounds exciting too

my black and white stop and go:
midweek traffic


Shes simply beautiful and these photos capture that. Incredible.


Beautiful portraits.

You have to love a good pout.


Can't wait until your Etsy shop opens! Here's my contribution. Thanks for getting me out there today!


Recent blog post: Black and White on July 1


Fun! Added mine to the group: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sweetcaffeinebuzz/3679442587/in/pool-1136112@N23

Oh and getting back (a little late, I know) about the shampoo bar from Dress Green- It works well and smells heavenly, but if you like that silky-smooth conditioned feeling you'll definitely need to use something else too.

spread your wings

beautiful portraits of your sweet V.

Lisa Renata

They are beautiful photos! You truly did capture V's essence. Great job as always.

BTW-No can do on the B&W. I am having camera trouble right now. hummm, maybe I'll have to get a new one (my nikon?) wouldn' that be cool? o.k. I am dreaming here.


Lovely pictures!


Lovely pictures!!!


WOW! I come back after a few weeks of studying and I find such wonderful shots!
Are you going to be a professional photographer soon?

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