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At long last, I have been immortalized - in chocolate!

Look what I got from Mireio

Pretty vintage salt & pepper shakers.

mireio s&p 01

They're so lovely, I want to hold them all day long.

mireio s&p 02

My kitchen was painted green by the previous owner. Not even a pretty green - more like split pea soup (not my favorite soup!). I had no idea what color I wanted to paint it, or what style to decorate it, but now I'm thinking I'll paint it a matching blue or a sunny yellow and add just a touch of vintage decor along with my plain white plates. Is it silly to decorate your kitchen around a set of salt and pepper shakers? I dunno, but it sounded logical to me as I was talking myself into buying them!

If you haven't yet seen Mireio on Etsy, check it out. Wende's store is full of calming candles, lovely spa pillows, just-right vintage finds, and more.


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well if one was to decorate one's kitchen around a salt and pepper shaker you found a pretty stunning pair - they're lovely!


Oooohhhh, they're so pretty. It's not wrong at all to decorate around them! I like their reflections in the first photo, too!


Heck no, it's not wrong! That's a lovely color!!


That is my signature color!!! Never a bad thing to paint stuff that color! I ♥ these. If you decide you don't want them anymore. . . .

Monkey's Momma

That is a lovely shade of blue. I would paint a room around that color. As a matter of fact, my bedroom is close to that color!

Love your new header, by the way. Now I am off to check out the shop you mentioned!


You always find the best etsy shops.

I do have to say I tend to like the split-pea shade of green. As an accent though, not a room color!


Those are the perfect inspiration to do a kitchen. The color is to die for.

JoAnne Gerwe

those are truly hot works of art! love them, thanks for sharing. i bet everybody asks, but what camera do you use, your photography is amazing. if i could just do an inth of what you do, i would count myself lucky.

best, joanne from Moa


These are gorgeous Maya. Love that soothing blue color especially...

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