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Nominate your favorite handspun yarn (mine?) on Etsy!

From Etsy's The Storque:

We will be voting on the best of the best handspun yarn. You can nominate your favorite item or one of your own items by linking to it in the comments below. Spread the word to supply sellers and knitters!

I'm just saying, you know, if you wanted to nominate someone, you could visit my shop and then click here to leave a comment.

Just sayin'...


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Kelly - GreenKnitter

fyi - I nominate the "Red Delicious" yarn. Good luck!


I voted for Mango Sorbet. If I could I'd vote for your new banner. Kitteh + Abacus = I can has funee now.


I voted for Mango Sorbet!


voted for charmed because Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Good luck.

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