Today is Monday
Sweet little babe

She's not usually so snoozy

I have this post in my head on Rainbow Rock. Can you guess what that is? No? Well, it was making me a bit sad and I don't feel like being sad tonight, but I scanned some old pictures and a postcard and I'll write about that soon.

So then I was looking through the photos I've taken recently and came across these of Roxy.

v roxy 001

Love her light and dark paw pads.

v roxy 003

We really couldn't be happier with her. She's got spunk. She knows no fear. And she's great with V.

v roxy 002

V has taken to calling her Tooshie. Or "Little Dickens." No idea where she got either of those, but I love them.

v roxy 004

Have I ever told you how much I love taking pictures of yawning cats? I have a whole collection. Maybe sometime I'll scan some of the old ones for you. Looking at them one after the other makes me laugh. Out loud.

v roxy 005

I finally got to create my first Treasury on Etsy today. I loved putting all the photos together. It's called "V is for Violet." Please check it out if you have a moment & let me know what you think.


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Melissa Austin

She is adorable!


First I love the kitty. Your photos make you feel like you are right their and could reach out and give her a scritch under the chin.

Second I love your treasury. I especially love the V pendant and felted acorns.


Awww, I just love those paws. And that yawn!!


these pictures are too too adorable! especially the yawning one!
i checked out your treasury and it's completely delightful- thanks for sharing!


What cute nicknames V has for Roxy! I would love to see all of your yawning cat photos. They must be so hard to capture!

Your treasury is so lovely! The felted acorns are amazing.

Monkey's Momma

Love your treasury! And now I know what V stands for! :)

Jude Cowell

Rainbow Rock! 7 years today, Maya, which seems impossible to grasp, doesn't it? Mo

Bumpkin Bears

Hi there, lovely to have found your blog. I love your Roxy, one of my cat's, Ollie, has got pink and black paw pads too - so cute :) Love the yawning photo too. Hugs, Catherine

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