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Hats! Because autumn is on its way!

Amber, a really lovely customer, has sent me some pictures of the hat she crocheted from a skein of my yarn for her baby girl, Stormy.

Mom 060

First off, I LOVE that name, Stormy. But look at her! In that hat! I love non-traditional colors and styles on babies.

Mom 068

Adorable! Thank you so much for sharing your pictures, Amber.

Now if you need a cool hat, check out my friend Kim's shop.

Lizi burgundy hat

Vintage-inspired, hand-embroidered, classic! I think they're so cute. Don't you think? Would be perfect for a windy day.

Lizi owl hat

I know that Kim has a lot more ideas for her shop, so keep checking back to see what's next.

It's definitely fall now! V and I baked our first pumpkin pie yesterday and I'm thinking about soups and learning how to knit mittens. I can't believe tomorrow is October! Where did this year go?


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Aw, thanks for the link! And isn't the baby just gorgeous??


Oh my gosh, that crochet hat is so cute! I love those vintage inspired hats, too. I have never worn hats. I always feel like I look silly in them!

I agree, where has this year gone?!


she is gorgeous! :)


I am sure that seeing that hat made out of something that you created is the greatest feeling. Not to mention cute! The hat and the baby :)
I am so excited about this time of year. I love the cooler weather.


hooray for babies in handknits! (or hand-crochets, as the case may be.)
your yarn looks lovely all worked up.


Gorgeous baby and gorgeous hats. Swoon!


LOVE the hats! Adorable baby and lovely hats. And I have to tell you that as I was driving down the street today I realized that tomorrow is October and that you'd be doing a new banner. (Is that creepy weird that I was thinking about your blog while driving my car? NOT a stalker, I promise. Stalkers probably say that, don't they.) ANYWAY, I was a little bit sad because I love the counting cat but also excited to see what you create next. So thanks for that bright moment in a somewhat dreary day today!

Monkey's Momma

Love the hats!! Going off to check out her shop!


Nice kudzu - A Georgia Staple brought to us from Japan!

Jude Cowell

All are adorable! And remind me I need a new warm hat...dark blue or magenta or golden brown would be nice... ;p

Alpaca Farmgirl

That is just too fabulous! What a precious hat. Gawgeous. The baby's not bad either.

Katie Anna

I just wanted to stop by and say that your blog is lovely, I came across you from Marisa's fishbowl e-course. I'm one of your fellow fishies.

I hope to be able to stop by and check out your blog often, I got lost already reading back post after back post of yours.



Breeze Hill Farm - MaLinda

Don't know which I love most, the yarn, the hat or the baby! I really like your blog. - MaLinda

Alpaca Farmgirl

You're such a darling. Thank you!


Stormy's hat is too much! Stormy is a total cutey. Cute hats.

Where has this year gone? October...really?!


G'day, fantastic hat and those colors, me too for the non traditional colors, love colors, check out my Etsy store too, full of color, link on my blog. I love your The moon and Shadow yarn, excellent color blend, purple is my favorite. Thank you for sharing ;) Enjoy your day :) cya MOnikaROse


oh I love love the owl one and such a cool color!

Dana Barbieri

Hi. I am in the bowl with you. You have a great blog and gorgeous creations!


That baby is sooo cute and its such a nice feeling to be able to share a close relationship with your customer. Thanks for the link and i adore those cute hats! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


I love, love, love that baby hat!!!

(((((HUGS)))))  sandi

OH what a SWEET HAT! and BABY! ~smile~ I am honored to find my link in "My Ears Are Burning"~made my day! LOVE that GORGEOUS, LUSCIOUS, YUMMY yarn I was gifted from your shop~it is THE BEST!!!!!! ~and I want it all~ (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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