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Blankie, thy name is Epic

Join me at Alpaca Farmgirl's for Fiber Arts Friday?


So lovely Melissa and gorgeous Claire sent me sock yarn bits so I could start knitting my own blankie (rav link). These are from Claire.

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To back up a just a tad, a little while back I started noticing these posts on the Knitting Sandwich blog about the blankies they are knitting.

many different things 313

At first, I didn't like the look of blankies. But now I have no idea what kind of crazy I was thinking. I'm in love.

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Since I don't knit socks (yet!), I'm pretty light on the sock yarn stash, so it was extremely wonderful that Melissa and Claire would send me some of theirs. With blankie, the first hit is free...

I'm calling this blankie Epic. Because it's probably going to take me a few years to finish.

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I don't get a lot of time to knit lately. I knit mainly when we are driving in the car on the weekends - and only because I can't spin (stupid small passenger legroom area!). But knitting blankie is addictive.

I think I'm going to go for a random pattern for mine.

many different things 325

I am also addicted to this pumpkin. It looks like it's supposed to be orange, but someone scraped it all off except they couldn't get into the grooves.


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oh hooray for blankie knitting!
i'm so glad we were able to sway you and bring you in to the blankie fold. (and thank you for all the sandwich-love.)

can't wait to see how your blankie progresses - have fun with it!


hooray hooray hooray for joining us in the blankie world!
and thanks so much for the generous flattery (blush!)
i am SURE that you are going to completely love the blankie experience! so glad that we can all be on this gloriously colorful road together!


I like the squares you've made so far. and that pumpkin is awesome!


Those are the coolest! Have a great time knitting it! How do you feel about sewing them together? I cringe when I have to sew things together, can't stand it!


That is an awesome blanket. It will be gorgeous.

That is a great pumpkin...hehe. Where's Charlie Brown?




Mucho funo. And yep, pretty epic.


oh I'm trying something like it too - i'm spinning my random sock yarn with some dk weight cream yarn and knitting dishcloths that will be sewed together into an epic blanket too.

and will now go drool on the photos you linked to. just what my afternoon needs.


"Epic"--I love it! That's so funny. It surely is gorgeous yarn and it will be a gorgeous finished product! I love that pumpkin, too. So unique!


Epic is an appropriate name for nearly anything knitted with sock yarn - especially so for a whole blankets worth!

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