Yum yum
Pantry letters


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It's calling your name. You can multi-task and spin your yarn on the deck. Ha Ha

Jude Cowell

ahhh...no thnx...great pics though! are you buyin'?


not i, said the cat!

Monkey's Momma

That is some southern style hot dogs right there!


i say that you should buy it - you could spin your yarn right there on the patio!
a hot dog yarn combo shop! sounds like a winner to me :)

Lisa Renata

with a little tlc it would make a cute little yarn shop!


I have to admit it I love a good hot dog. Those red hot dogs in the south freak me out though. Dilly dawgs...very cute.


I'm considering it...


Wow, those dogs are cheap! What a cute little place. Is it my eyes, or is it crooked/tilted?!


funny, when i glanced at that photo, i thought it was floating on the water before i took a closer look and realized it's a parking lot.


eeek I would love to jump on that and through a twist in oooo ahhhh chicago dogs and mexican dogs.. YUM!

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