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Hats! Because autumn is on its way!

Pantry letters

Did you get your issue of Kids Craft Weekly today? I did. So V made some pantry letters. I asked her what her favorite letter was and she said C A T, so she did those. Please note the fading kitty cat stripes on her arms.


V is usually more of a I'm-going-to-do-what-I-want-and-not-what-you-tell-me-to-do kind of girl when she's crafting, but she loved this. So far, despite her ever-increasing ability to read, she shows little interest in writing. But that's fine - she'll get there when she's ready. Nota bene what was once a kitty nose and set of whiskers on her face.


Doesn't she look sleepy? That's what happens when she wakes up at 6am, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. If you suggest a nap, she will scoff at you. And if she took one, she wouldn't go to sleep easily tonight anyway so there's really no point.

I could use a nap, though.



I'm thinking of doing November in B&W again this year. Though I'll still have to take pictures of yarn in color, I want to make an effort to take lots of pictures in black and white and then I'll post them weekly - and I'd love it if you'd join in. More details to come; it's still early yet.


I think this autumn is going to be much, much better than last year's.


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That's a cute craft - I know what you mean about the nap too - Scout had a sleepover this weekend...


I recognize that look! She is still a cutie with it.
Thanks for sharing that site. I subscribed to it.

What color is that on your wall? It is pretty.


If India naps these days, she's up until 11:30. If she doesn't she's a nightmare from 4-7. Don't you think that Soulemama probably has a fantastic solution for this type of problem?

Lisa Renata

Oh boy, NAPS and waking up at 6 AM. Sounds just like my house! (times two.)
Yup, Ri will wake at 7, but won't take naps or he will also not sleep on time at bed time and little A will wake at 6 AM!!!! and take a little nap in the afternoon (though I think she is starting to outgrow that one- she's also having trouble going to bed on time). Ah, a never ending story around here. Kids...gotta love them, right?! YES!


November black and white again would be lots of fun!


V sure is a cat lover! She is so, so cute!

That would be fun if you do November in black and white again. That's how I met you last year!

Jude Cowell

How V favors you at that age esp the last one - and you've shown Roxy looking very regal here!


Why yes, I did get my Kid Craft Weekly! The kids and I have a few activities picked out to do over the weekend including this one for Finch.


Ah, the battle of the naps. All my kids have been sleep fighters. Right now, my middle one is in kindergarten. They no longer take naps during the day. When he gets home from school he is exhausted and often falls asleep in the car on the way home, which causes him to stay up way too late at night, and then the cycle continues...
I like this craft idea. I think I'll try it with my youngest this afternoon while her siblings are off doing their thing.


love those faded kitty stripes, nose and whiskers! what a fantastic photo keepsake :)

Jude Cowell

Maya, kudzu never looked so good! i'm seeing an elephant on the right... ;p

AG Ambroult

I am looking forwad to seeing your NOvember in B&W. YOu take such beautiful pictures. And your yarn...drooling!


I'll join you for b&w November. At least, I'll take some b&ws and post them!

Aidan is doing "quiet time" instead of nap time these days, and he has dark circles under his eyes in the afternoons too. But he goes to sleep much easier at night, at least!

pink and green mama MaryLea

Love the kitty stripes and the nose. My girls are the same way, if they wake up early forget about naps even though they're exhausted, and teary and falling apart by mid afternoon.

visiting from the fish bowl and loving your blog and your beautiful photos. : )

pink and green mama

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