Me and Alice Bear
Ring ring

And then my heart ...

... smashes and breaks into a million tiny pieces - but in a good way. Best viewed full screen, in my opinion.

The Moments Between, Episode 1: Japan from Trey Ratcliff on Vimeo.

Though I don't get to visit often enough, I love to get lost in Trey Ratcliff's blog, Stuck in Customs. He is one very busy, very lucky man - and a nice guy to boot.


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Lisa Renata

wow! amazing. i'll have to visit his site.



Wow! Thank you for sharing this maya! Very cool!


Thanks for sharing that I could spend days looking at beautiful pictures and be inspired to take better photos myself.

Jude Cowell

Thanks, Maya, i visited his site and will have to return when there's time for more watching!



thank you

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