Mittens for my kitten


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Fighting Windmills

Happy weekend to you too, Maya! I like the depth of this photo and the blue.


Oh we are having so much fun partying it up Halloween style this weekend, tee hee...rain, rain, go away!

Jamie :)
p.s. hope you have an even lovelier weekend


Happy Weekend! It is grey and rainy here, and I am so sleeeeepy even though it is only 3:20.

How will I stay awake until bedtime????

Mary Smith

Happy weekend to you too! That's a lovely photo!


Oh Maya this is such a gorgeous photo! Love! Hope your having a wonderful weekend so far. :) Love to you!


I've had a happy, exhausting weekend working in the yard, doing fall clean-up and planting bushes and transplanting trees and doggy proofing the back fence into my backdoor neighbor's yard. (Buddy likes to go visiting.) Next up is planting the tulip bulbs. Wanta help?? =) I hope your weekend has been fantastic!


hi maya :) aww your blog is full of beautiful beautiful photos!! i really enjoy them :) the post you did of your daughter, starting with painting a chair for her dad... really got me teary and touched my heart... and really made me smile too... it makes me miss my dad so much... thank you for sharing such a warm loving, sweet post. :) *hug* hope you had a lovely weekend and a wonderful week ahead! xoxo from a little fellow fishie around the corner :)


What a sweet photo. I hope your weekend was lovely!

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