Hats! Because autumn is on its way!
Save the ta-tas!

I'm walking into spiderwebs

When we woke up Saturday morning, it was all foggy outside so we threw on some clothes and took our bedheads out in the backyard to walk in the clouds.

so many things 004

It was misty and beautiful.

so many things 010

But the best part was all the spiderwebs in the grass and in the trees.

so many things 013

Spiders really creep me out but you can't beat dew-covered webs. Gorgeous weavers, those little creepy crawlies.

so many things 023

This one I called the seventh circle of hell, after Dante's Divine Comedy. If you were a bug in that web, it'd have to ruin your day.

so many things 025

I like the ones on the ground the best. Some were very small.

so many things 043

But some were very, very big.

so many things 038

This one is wonderful, I think. Looks like its own little spiderworld, with furniture.

so many things 018

And you? Did you see anything wonderful this weekend? Please share!


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gorgeous maya.
what a perfect saturday morning!


fabulous photos! I love looking at spiderwebs as long as I don't see a big spider with it


They are beautiful! Kind of makes you wonder how many spiders are out there! I think I'd rather not think about that. heehee!

We went to a really cool display of 4,000 jack-o-lanterns this past weekend. The only thing that was disappointing was that most of them were plastic, which they didn't advertise, of course. But, cool anyway!


I did some gardening and saw lots of earthworms, which made me happy, because I know they're good for the soil, but also grossed me out a little!


Such pretty photos! My weekend was filled with two little boys and for the first time, no grandma to help. So it was full of wonder! And it went well. Of course, Daddy was here too. We'll see how the week goes.


Beautiful! I love spiderwebs in teh morning adn your pictures are great! I also love the one of Violet & Ross.


too cool. the 4th one down is pretty creepy. You should put one up for your banner for halloween.

We didn't do much this weekend. Michael worked. I killed a huge black and white furry spider outside yesterday and went and bought some pumkins. Pretty halloweenish I guess. LOL


Beautiful webs.

This weekend I saved a honeybee from a spider web. For a while, I watched in fascination as the caught up bee fought the smaller spider. It was a heated battle. Internally, I struggled with the whole circle of life, let the spider have its dinner. In the end, the plight of the honeybee took precedence and I grabbed a chopped stick and got the bee out of harm's way. It took the bee a few minutes to extract himself from the sticky web wrapped all around him, but he eventually flew away.


these pictures and those webs are completely and utterly stunning. i always get totally awestruck when i take the time to stop and think about spiderwebs and how amazing they are. what a feast of engineering! and you capture them so beautifully.

Jude Cowell

Beautiful and in time for Halloween!

Michelle Schafer

Hello fellow Fishie! Absolutely beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing and see you in the fish bowl! Have a great and creative week!


Oh my, those are way cool! I actually will be posting spider web pics sometime this week on my blog too. My mum came up for a visit last weekend and brought her kayak on top of her van. When I went out to walk the dog the next morning, there was a wicked huge spider web from the kayak to the windshield...I just think it's amazing how they do that! Lovely time with the fam too...we love bedhead and pj's weekends!!

Jamie :)

Lisa Renata

We did! We went to my Father-In-Law's 86 acre farm (me and A's first time. the boys have been there several times). It was wonderful. I took tons of photos of all the old buildings, especially the old farm house. I can't wait to post them!

Glad to hear you also had a great time.


Kate England | Marmalade Moon

♥♥♥♥♥♥ your photos! Thank you!


Tag! I tagged you in a photo game on my blog

spread your wings

those are amazing web photos. what lens did you use? i just can't get over the quality of your photography.
love the new "kudzu monsters" banner too

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