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October 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hope you're having a Happy Halloween, wherever you are. This evening, V dressed as Marie and went on her first real trick or treating expedition.

v 020


v 026

Her daddy drew the whiskers and I tied the bows.

v 030

Remember this mitten?

v 031

Here's the mate.

v 056

And one last shot of red before I turn off the color tomorrow.

v 065

Hope you & yours got lots of treats today!

Digging it

I love taking pictures of V jumping. Well, really I'd be happy to take pictures of just about anybody jumping, but V is my only willing subject. So I make due with what I've got.

v jump 152

Funny, I feel like I have things to say, but there's not a lot of time tonight. I have yarn to ship, cooking to do(!), and Halloween costume bits and pieces to gather. And it's almost 10:30pm!

Where does the time go?

v variety 123

One thing I like about Georgia weather - it'll get cold, then it'll get really cold, but there are at least a few days in between where you can run around outside in shorts, digging in the dirt.

v variety 128

That's nice. 

You know what V is going to be for Halloween, right?


Still looking for Pine Log

A couple of weeks ago, I grabbed V and jumped in the car and headed out in search of a little town I saw on the map called Pine Log, Georgia. I followed the Mapquest directions to Cartersville and drove around a bit to take a some pictures there before heading on to Pine Log.

Cartersville is a small town of about 16,000 people in NW Georgia. Their historic district has some gorgeous houses.

v 074

I love the vine growing on the porch, the stained glass windows, and the front walk leading to the sidewalk.

v 079

This one looks really homey to me. I love that color green.

v 077

This was on my way into downtown Cartersville. I love the look of the entrance - I'm a good, Southern Coca-Cola drinkin' girl myself (on those rare occasions...). But when I look at it now, in 2009, my first thought is that when they built it, maybe they thought Coke would always be in this building. That times would never change. That such a beautiful building would never need a FOR LEASE sign in the front yard or grass that needs cutting.

v 067


I like the bright blue nestled among the red brick & olive/brown.

v 103

The 4 Way Lunch seemed to be the happening place for lunch. Maybe we'll stop in sometime and see what it's all about - I'll bet there's pie.

v 105

After Cartersville, I followed the Mapquest directions until a road sign told me that there was a detour. Because this area had just had a lot of flooding, I thought I should follow the detour rather than risk it.

v 121

The river was pretty high - but with summer after summer of drought, it was kind of nice to see. I just wish it hadn't come all at once like that.

v 132

This is some kudzu growing by the river. Kudzu, which came from Japan, is a vine that soil conservationists encouraged people in the South to plant in the 1930s-50s to help control soil erosion. While it does a great job at that, it also does a great job of taking over everything.

v 129

When kudzu blooms, it smells lovely. And you can make kudzu blossom jelly that's supposed to be very tasty, though I've never had the opportunity to try it. If you like, there's a 9-minute video on youtube demonstrating how to make it.

If we let it, it'd cover everything eventually. Tall trees covered in kudzu have always reminded me of The Swamp Thing.

v 136

We never made it to Pine Log. The detour took me to within 5 minutes of my house and about 30 minutes away from Pine Log, so we went home. V was tired of the car by then.

v 145

So we'll have to try again another day.


You can see more small town excursions here.

Like flowers for bottles

Life has a way of getting crazy and so I kind of ran out of time to decorate much for V's birthday party on Sunday. Luckily, she's 4 and so wasn't a bit worried about that.

When I sent R & V out to get those last-minute things we needed, I remembered to ask them to get flowers and they came home with a dozen roses in pink, yellow, and red.

v Violet's 4th bday party 004

And I remembered I had these bottles.

So perfect!

v Violet's 4th bday party 107

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Today I'm sorting wool, dyeing wool, taking photos and hopefully listing 3-4 yarns throughout the day. What about you?

It's almost November

I'm so excited about doing November in B&W again this year! I was looking through last year's posts just now and I can't wait to see my b&w photos this year - my emotions last year were very, very different from how I'm feeling now and I'm interested to see the effect that has on my photography. I'm planning to keep my camera in b&w mode for the whole month (except for when I have to take pictures of yarn, of course) and just see what happens.

Then, every Friday in November, I'll post a Mr. Linky where you can add a link to wherever your favorite b&w photos are posted (flickr/on your blog/wherever). I chose Friday because the last Friday in November is my birthday and because I like to have pretty pictures to look at over the weekend. Since I'm not much for following silly rules, I don't care if you took the pictures in color and converted them - heck, I don't even care when you took the photos (February, October, or 1974!). My rules are for me and you can do what you like, but I would love it if you would come over and play with me in November. As I did last year, I will link to participants' blogs in my sidebar.

Here's a button for you, or you can grab the one in my right sidebar if you'd like to post it on your blog. Just make sure it links to the November in B&W category, please.

November in B&W 02

Also, don't forget to add your photos to the Springtree Road in B&W flickr group throughout November or any time of the year.

Thanks and see you November!

Birthday girl

Before I go walking down memory lane, I'll tell you that there's free shipping in the shop today, in honor of Miss V.


It's hard to imagine that four years ago today I was in a hospital in South Florida waiting for my new baby girl and a hurricane. At right about this hour I was telling R that I felt so very horrible that I was never, ever going to do this again (I blame the pitocin). About 9 hours later, we had our girl. Though many have joked that we should've named her Wilma, V has been my greatest blessing. And I know R feels the same.

Here she was 21 days old. This is right around the time that I realized she didn't sleep as much as other babies and that she probably was never going to let us put her down again until long after she started walking.

v1 21 days 010crop

This is in Florida still. We have always called this one Superbaby! and it's one of my favorites.

v2Cutie 004

My favorite dress she had as a baby. This is in Knoxville - getting to be a big girl!

Pretty Purple Dress 004

Gallops and V. I got her this little horse at a Cracker Barrel during the 2-day move to Knoxville - should've seen her face light up!

v4Sweet babies 006

On the porch, where we spent lots of time in Knoxville. Those were good days.

v5On the Porch

Last week in the new backyard in Georgia. She saw a little boy's clip-on tie at the store a few weeks ago and had to have it.

v my little annie hall 054

This morning she had a cupcake for breakfast and opened her Baby Ah-choo! doll. Now we're going out in the backyard to play and whatever else the birthday girl feels like doing today.

Happy birthday V! We love you all the muches. xo

Saint Grace

Today, her last day as a 3-year-old, V decided it would be fun to give Grace a coat of Petromalt. Because that's just the sort of thing a 3-year-old does, right?

Hmmm...right. I thought so.

Grace 003

Poor kitten. I got off as much as I could, but it's going to take a few more days of the both of us cleaning her fur to get it back to normal. It's a little brown and crunchy right now.

Grace 002

I know that V loves Grace, but this show of affection confounded me. V said she wanted Grace to have some "meat," since the Petromalt is beef flavored.

Um, ok ... what?!


Grace 004

Grace has the patience of a saint. How I love that cat.


If you hate cancer but love mini-skeins of sock yarn (like if, for example, you're knitting a blankie), then head over to my friend Melissa's place to enter her 20 mini-skeins of sock yarn raffle.

Mittens for my kitten

Making my first pair of mittens for V. Finished one yesterday. I made it from a 40-yard sample of yarn that I spun because I wanted to see what the colors looked like together - red, gold & pumpkin. Those are the same colors as in the button in my sidebar on the right there, they're just blended together on my drum carder instead of dyed all on the same bit of wool.

mittens for my kitten 007

I only have that one sample and I used more than half of it on that one mitten. But I have a second sample that looks just like the first one - only there's green in the recipe too. So that's what I'm going to make make the second mitten with, all cute and mismatchy. When the second mitten is done, I'm going to use them to decide which yarn I like best and then make a skein or two of it for the shop.

mittens for my kitten 012

Beyond that, today I am pondering the odd lighting that comes with autumn and trying to figure out a quick and easy way to take properly lit and color correct photos of new yarn for my shop without always having to go out in the cold or rain.

I haven't found the optimum solution yet, but Roxy isn't at all minding that I moved the console in front of the dining area window.

mittens for my kitten 027

But I think right now it's time for another pumpkin muffin (with Craisins and coconut) and maybe some coffee.

Ring ring

V loves her Daddy; yes she does.

v 006

She painted his chair for him so he'd have something nice to sit on while we have dinner.

v 013

She loves to call him on the phone while he's at work, just to talk about her day.

v 012

Even when she has to use my old phone that doesn't even have a battery in it anymore.

v 020

Doesn't matter. She has lots to say to her daddy.

v 025

And did you know that V's birthday is next week? Yeah, she'll be 4 - she'll be a big, big girl! That's what she told me today.

v 030

She is very much looking forward to getting the birthday present she requested - a Baby Ah-Choo doll, which her daddy is picking up for her tomorrow. She deserves it - she's worked very hard this year!

Also, here's the cutest tutorial from Zakka Life on making a little clothespin Thing 1 and Thing 2.

And then my heart ...

... smashes and breaks into a million tiny pieces - but in a good way. Best viewed full screen, in my opinion.

The Moments Between, Episode 1: Japan from Trey Ratcliff on Vimeo.

Though I don't get to visit often enough, I love to get lost in Trey Ratcliff's blog, Stuck in Customs. He is one very busy, very lucky man - and a nice guy to boot.

Me and Alice Bear

Here at my desk, which is really just a big long table, I have two packets of old photos. And sometimes I go through them to see if there's anything that speaks to me.

So tonight I found the photo of me and Alice Bear that I wrote about back in July (I also sort of named a yarn after her).

Maya and Alice Bear in DC

What can I tell you about this picture?

We lived in Washington DC at the time, on D St. NE. It was March and so my brother was either just born or just about to be. My grandmother made my outfit, which was a skirt and a vest, though she didn't make it out of the quilt fabric I thought she did. Sometime within the next year I would have surgery to reset the bones in my feet so that I wouldn't toe in so much. One of my favorite things to do was to blow bubbles in my strawberry milk - I used to get in trouble for it all the time.

Tonight I found what that house looks like now on Google Maps.


I thought maybe I had the address wrong; I scrolled up and down the street a few times. They have the house number wrong, but when I zoomed in I could see it. The house has been painted, but that's it on the left - that's the porch I was sitting on in the picture. I've always thought that I would one day go to DC, find that house, and ask if I could take pictures inside and out. I probably would never have the nerve, but it's a really nice thought. 


I know it's really Tuesday now, but you'll have to forgive me because I'm perpetually behind. Please join me over at Gayle's blog for Monday Memories.

On my mantle

On my fireplace mantle this month, I have pumpkins.

mantle 002

Real ones.

mantle 030

And a cute, handsewn one from Sea Pinks.

mantle 010

I have a teapot that we got as a wedding gift. I've always been afraid to actually use it, but I am happy now to finally have a place to display it.

mantle 003

My beloved Duaflex camera. I still need to make a contraption for it, though. It's on the list.

mantle 022

Old glass - an old, beat up manual focus Nikon lens and a red vase that was my grandmother's (thanks Mom!).

mantle 031

And here's the center - my lens isn't wide-angle enough to get the whole thing.

mantle 035

I've still got one spot open on the mantle. I'm thinking of a pretty wooden bowl with some handspun yarn balls in it. I'm also thinking about what to do for Christmas - stockings for all three of us! I'm so excited.

The animals

If you could go anywhere and do anything right now, where would you go? What would you do?

v the animals 090

Right now - at this moment - I would go to NYC and take lots of pictures in b&w.

v the animals 081

Street scenes, buildings, bridges, shops, food, potholes.

v the animals 086

I'd summon the courage to ask people if I could take their photographs. I'd pay them if I had to.

v the animals 071

I'd look for light and shadows, for joy and sorrow, for good and evil. And I would photograph it.

v the animals 060

But ask me tomorrow and you'll likely hear a completely different answer.

Save the ta-tas!

The first person I knew who passed away from cancer was my mom's best friend, Christie. It was my senior year of high school; I'd known Christie almost my entire life. In some box I haven't unpacked from moving yet, I have a great picture of the two of us together and a short letter she wrote to me when I was a kid.

I remember my last conversation with her, the one where I told myself not to ask her how she was - and then that was the first thing out of my mouth. She was gracious; she was strong. Everyone I know who knew her misses her. Unfortunately, each of us are affected by cancer in some way or other at some point in our lives.

So, in honor of October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am donating 100% of the proceeds of the sale of this yarn to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Save the Tatas 001

Even if this yarn isn't your style or if you don't knit or crochet, I hope you will pass the link to this post on to someone you think might be interested. Thank you!

Long live the ta-tas!


Please join me over at Alpaca Farmgirl's blog for Fiber Arts Friday!

I'm walking into spiderwebs

When we woke up Saturday morning, it was all foggy outside so we threw on some clothes and took our bedheads out in the backyard to walk in the clouds.

so many things 004

It was misty and beautiful.

so many things 010

But the best part was all the spiderwebs in the grass and in the trees.

so many things 013

Spiders really creep me out but you can't beat dew-covered webs. Gorgeous weavers, those little creepy crawlies.

so many things 023

This one I called the seventh circle of hell, after Dante's Divine Comedy. If you were a bug in that web, it'd have to ruin your day.

so many things 025

I like the ones on the ground the best. Some were very small.

so many things 043

But some were very, very big.

so many things 038

This one is wonderful, I think. Looks like its own little spiderworld, with furniture.

so many things 018

And you? Did you see anything wonderful this weekend? Please share!